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Biotest Surge


Hi, I am a college freshman going on 19, attending The Ohio State University on a scholarship for track. I've used NO2 and CE2, Cell-Tech, etc. (Basically everything mainstream that the GNC pushes to people who don't know much about body building.) Anyways, those things don't seem to do it for me, at least not enough.

Recently I heard about Surge, and it sounds incredible. The only thing is, I'm worried about long term effects, as well as the potential consequences of getting caught using it. It doesn't really come out and say what type of product it is, so I guess I'm asking all of you out there if it is a Prohormone or Steriod, and what longterm effects it might have on a person. Thanks a lot for your time.


Surge is hydrolysed proteins bcaa's and dextrose. It's for post-workout consumption. It has no hormones and is completely safe. Try it, you'll like it.


Oh Boy did you read the product thread. It explains it all. It is pretty much FOOD All be it SUPER ADVANCED food but essentially food.

So no you CANT get in trouble.

It is a mix of highly digestable protiens (Hydro. whey), BCAA's and fast acting Carbohydrates that are meant to optimize the PWO window.

Great stuff.

Give it a try,


I think the only thing that you can get "in trouble" for, as far as current Biotest products go, is excess caffene (which some contain, like Spike and HOT-ROX). I seriously doubt any contain enough to put you in jepordy of any tests though, or even to pass any threshold/level where they would disqualify you or anything like that.

However, if you follow T-Nation religiously you might be accused of using steroids.


Damn, you don't need to be trying every single supplement on the market, I think the one thing that youneed to discover is food, and lots of it. Just get to eating, then eat some more and don't really stop eating.

Oh, by the way, Surge is a great product.


yea, ive actually also been considering trying Surge. If used correctly, will you really notice much of a difference in muscle mass? The more i read the more i wanna buy a few tubs of it.


I love it it really aids in recovery thats what I like best. Well that and its a nice treat PWO


First, it looks like Phil ,et. al have answered your question.

Second, congratulations on the track scholarship. What events do you compete in?

Third, and most importantly, Go Bucks! Big game this weekend.

Take care,

Ryan (OSU Class of '96)


can sum1 tell me what Surge tastes like?


i heard its like angel food cake... mmm mm! im buyin me some 2morrow!


it is probably the best tasting product here in my honest opinion. post work out, i have a couple of scoops, some ol' creatine mono, and some water, shake bottle "vigorously" (that's key.) and shazaam: liquid goodness.

my only beef: tubs are too small, i would really want to buy at least a 3 or 5 lb size. I'm just saying, I could go for the convenience of more quantity. The quality is perfect.


It's not the best IMO. The best are the Metabolic Drive bars.

I think I like chocolate Grow! more too. Surge does have a bit of an aftertaste from the whey hydrosolate. If you guys remind me tommorow I'll write a mini-article or product review on Surge and explain why it's good for muscle building; or at least the theory behind it.


Hasn't this already been done by people infinitely more qualified than you?


Shhh. Let him Powda-ize it.


Yup. Many people are too damn lazy to read the articles though. I was going to write a shorter synopsis


Powda, that would be great. Don't listen to that other retard.

I'm a first time buyer a Surge and I was thinking about getting Power Drive too. But, I only have 50 bucks which means I can get 1 of each. However, that would leave me with Surge only lasting 2 and a half weeks for me. Should I skip the Power Drive and get 2 Surges?


That's a tough question to answer. You first need to decide on your goals. Surge is not a "instant" result product. Rather it's a product to help facilitate muscle growth via taking you out of a catabolic (muscle-wasting) environment to an anabolic (muscle building).

To be politically correct catabolic means broken down into something simpler while anabolic means being created into something more complex but for the sake of simplicity we'll only apply it to muscle building.

I have never tried Power Drive. I haven't really seen enough supporting evidence for the product outside of Biotest to warrant me giving it the green-light. The reports I've read of users who have tried it though claim that it helps you get in the "zone" per sae and helps prime the nervous system. If this is the case and the stuff does work as claimed (and being that is Biotest this is highly probable) then you should see instant strength increases of a few percentage points. Oh wow a fer percentage points you say. Big deal. Uhhh no.

For example I was ecstatic the other that I benched 355 was previous record was 345. That's about a 3% improvement and took almost 6 months to facilitate.

I'll get around to the "easier to read" version of why Surge works in a bit.

EDIT - I feel I need to correct my post. In saying I haven't seen enough evidence about Power Drive is not saying that I believe the products to be non-effective. Rather it's just not a product I was interested in so I never really looked into it besides the info on T-Nation.


Thanks for answering bro. I think I'mma go with 2 Surges.


See my above edit. Spike is one hell of a product if you're looking for a boost.


Its losers like this that turn me off, this site sometimes, but 99 percent of everyone seems like they do weights. Except this guy who's been living under a rock.