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Biotest Surge

What do you guys think of adding ALA with your Surge? Would this be a bonus? Thanks

you know, i was kind of shocked when i looked at the ingredients of the shake and saw that it didn’t include ALA as one of its ingredients. i just expected it to be in there to potentiate the insulin effect. with the words Tim and company have said regarding the on-the-edge-of-blackout state that can occur with this product, it might not be wise to start off using large amounts of ALA with the surge. if, after a couple of days using the product, you find that you are not really feeling the ‘effects’ you might add ALA into the mix and increase the amount day by day until you have found a dosage you are comfortable with. that’s what i’d do anyway.

During the formulating process JMB went through many combinations of which ALA must have been in one of them and since it’s not in Surge I can only guess that it didn’t improve the insulinogenic effect.

Adding anything to surge, in my opinion will be counter productive, these guys formulate the stuff to work. Now using ALA pre workout might have a better effect.

use 200-400mg of ALA w/ it. there is no rational reason it would counter anything in the formula.

Don’t use ALA with surge. For some reason it slows down the absorbtion of the ingredients. If absorbtion is slowed you can kiss your post workout recovery goodby. I can’t find the exact reason but I remember JMB stating this very clearly when all of us were trying out our own versions of the shake.

While I don’t think ALA would do much taken at the same time, it may be good pre-workout. Also, don’t forget ALA DOESN’T increase insulin sensitivity during ingestion but over time. Also, I wonder why Biotest didn’t use Glutamine Peptides?? Strange, because I recall that being a key component, and of course peptides are way faster acting the straight glutamine…