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Biotest Surge

I just purchased Surge from an online vendor and used it last night and it tastes terrible! I don’t understand how everyone likes it. It tastes like medicine. I also have a container of maltodextrin (i think) for carbs and it tastes much better. Btw, I used 2 scoops and water after my workout.

I also purchased Grow! and it is delicious.

Did I get a bad container or is it just an aquired taste?


You must have gotten a defective container. I use Surge, and have to exercise a fair amount of self-discipline to keep from using too much. IF this is your first time using it, at least go ahead and try to get a bottle from a different vendor or something, because a good bottle tastes better than most cakes and pastries, a lot like an awesome angle food cake actually. I like to go just a little light on the water to get a more intense flavor. Hope this helps.


I guarantee that if you try it a few times, you’ll like it.

From what we can tell, about one in a hundred people are “hyper tasters.” They can detect a microgram of a branched chain amino acid (which have a distinct taste) in a 48-ounce protein shake.

I’m one of them.

Even though the branched chains in Surge are masterfully “flavored up,” I was able to initially detect them. However, after using it about three or four times, I could no longer detect them and then believed, as everybody else does, that Surge tastes like angel food cake.

Btw, thanks Atomic Dog for the reply. I will definately give it a couple of more tries. I will definately still use it somehow, I just may have to “cover up” the taste with yogurt or something else.


Isn’t Surge only sold at this site now? If so, you may have gotten an older bottle.

The taste is phenomenal, cake describes it best. Sometimes I notice the slight amino aftertaste but it’s no biggie. I tried a friend’s homemade version once and had to spit it into the sink. Surge is great though. I crave it even on off days when you’re not supposed to use it!

Same here, Surge tasted aweful at first, and then aweful turned into pallatable, which turned into pretty darn good.

It has a distinct after taste but hopefully i’ll get used it. Do you ever use it some other way besides mixing with water? Thanks


It’s awfully addictive.

Speaking of addictive… when is Surge going to be back in stock?

I’m down to 2 1/2 tubs and getting nervous!

Try taking one scoop with water during your workout and one scoop with water after your workout. It may be more diluted this way and help to diminish the strong taste. This may also help to give you more energy during your workout.

I find that using 1 liter of water, as per JB’s intstruction, gives Surge a great flavor. I really miss it.

Called Biotest Labs 2 days ago and was told Surge! would not be in stock till the end of the month.

RIT Jared

[quote]RIT Jared wrote:
Called Biotest Labs 2 days ago and was told Surge! would not be in stock till the end of the month.

RIT Jared[/quote]
Ok I feel a little better
Ok T-Folks help me out what is second best?
I’ve been taking 2 scoops of Grow! afer a workout and I don’t think it’s gonn cut it

I just ordered 2 bottles yesterday when I called for an update. The girl said that Surge just came in.