Biotest Surge

Does anyone mix surge in another liquid besides water? I was thinking of using gatorade or some other sports drink

How much carbs do you want to take in with that meal? Two scoops of Surge with water would already put you at 49g.

What are your goals Phil?I would imagine building more mass…i have always mixed my surge with water

In the recent interview with Berardi I think he said to only add something if you are training in the morning on an empty stomach and half-dehydrated. Other than that you’re not supposed to mess with the formula. Basically, if it needed more carbs or something, biotest would have added them.

Diet sprite, diet root beer. Taste great/doesn’t affect the nutritional profile.

Gaining more functional mass is my goal.

SURGE is the BOMB!

Yes, adding extra carbs is in fact ok. This has been discussed here a number of times, so ignore the input the people who have forgotten.

Wideguy - Interesting idea with the diet sprite but not sure how that would taste with the surge and diet root beer?? Might have to give it a try once.