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biotest Surge

i am going on an 8 week cycle and i plan on getting the best supplements during the cycle. how many 2lb tubs of Biotest Surge do i need to buy in order to have enough for 6 days a week for 8 weeks? ill need 48 servings total, but i dont know how many come in each 2lb tub. thanks in advance

Surge has 10 servings per container.
Also if you go to biotest, click on the product
and click on Supplement Facts you should see it there.

how much do you weigh? there are 20 scoops per container. if you don’t weigh too much and plan on taking 2 scoops per workout then you need about 5 tubs of surge.

If we’re talking about the same tubs, which I think we are b/c I don’t think they make anymore, you’ll need like 8 tubs if you take 1.5 servings pre+post workout total (bulking) or 5 tubs if you use 1 serving pre+post workout.

How heavy are you? The serving size really depends on your weight. I’m under 200 lbs, so I take 2 scoops/serving, and I can only get 9 out of each tub. So there are 18 scoops per tub.

thanks, i think ill go with 2 scoops per workout, which would be best because i weigh under 200 lbs. 5 tubs sounds good.