Biotest Surge Workout Fuel

20 Servings, Lemon Drop & Wild Berry

The new pre-flavored Surge Workout Fuel beats Plazma. Yeah, I said it. It contains critical nutrients that stimulate protein synthesis, reduce catabolism, buffer lactate, delay fatigue, and provide sustained energy. Surge makes every workout count.

– Chris Shugart


I’m 11 workouts in with the new formula and I really like it.
I’m having great sessions regardless if I’m right off a plane or first thing in the morning. I even did one without coffee.
I am not crippled sore. I’ve done this program before and know for a fact I otherwise would be by now.
I’ve gained weight. I’m actually not sure how I feel about that, but it’s a goal for many.
I am a huge fan of not staining everything in sight with the flavor bottles. I liked the flavors out of those, but the convenience here wins.
It does taste good (I’ve only tried the berry; I haven’t tried lemon yet).