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Biotest Surge support group

Hey they have their other support groups, so why the hell not have this one? Record experiences and gains here from Surge!

after 2 very hard workouts I took the surge and I just felt great after about 15 minutes. Not too much of a pump just a feeling of rejuvenation! I love this stuff!

I’ve used Surge three times now, and I love it. The biggest thing I notice is that my muscles don’t cramp up anymore when I flex. It used to be, that if I flexed for more than a few seconds, (especially my biceps) I could feel them start to cramp up. Not anymore!

I started Surge about a week ago and weighed 185 lbs. After using Surge for 4 workouts, I was up to 190 lbs. and not as fatigued as I had been in the past. Tonight’s leg workout was a bitch so we shall see how sore I am tomorrow. I love the stuff and the taste so chalk me up as a Surge believer.

what do you guys eat for the post surge meal? i dont like my concoction. im going for the .4 protein and .8 carb meal

My postworkout meal - about 90 min after Surge is (and has been for a while) either Biotest Adv. Protein with a bunch of milk, MetRX Protein plus or MetRX APM60 - I know none of these have enough carbs, even with the milk BUT they’re easy as hell to digest and I general notice a difference with them vs whole food! I may start adding some oatmeal to these drinks for some better carbs.

Sacto, are you using anything else?? Did you increase cals, or it just the Surge?? That’s impressive!!

today after my hard chest and back day my pecs are a little sore but feel like they are very full… i hope this is not justa placebo effect… tomrrow is my super legs and shoulder day… hopefully it will boost me to a whole new level!

I have upped my protein from 200 grams to 240 grams per day. I am also taking Impact Nutritions Equi-Bolan (2 caps X 3) but did not see the weight gains until I started using Surge. My squats went up from 205 X 6 to 245 X 6, from last Monday to this Monday. My quads were not as sore today but my abductors hurt more than usual. I’ll keep you posted on any future news or gains.

my third time taking surge i drank it quickly and found the taste a lot better… this stuff is really working… i felt the pump!

I just had an interesting conversation with Tim Patterson about Biotest Surge and I thought I’d pass along some of what we discussed. First, remember you don’t have to literally pass out for this stuff to work! (In fact, I hope you don’t!) But if you really want to feel the surge, here’s what you do. First, don’t take it with food in your stomach. You probably aren’t digesting really well while training, so if you eat before you train then you still have food in your belly after training. So if you take Surge after training in this situation, then you’re mixing it with food and therefore you may not get the full effect. Tim notes that he’s had several “near blackout” experiences, BUT he usually trains in a slightly hungry state, or at least he doesn’t eat anywhere near his workouts.

Second, I think the intensity of your training will have a lot to do with how much you feel the surge afterwards. For example, a hard, hour long leg session with a lot of squats and heavy work will obviously affect your differently than, say, arm day. So you might expect to feel the kick, the sweating etc. after a tougher workout. Tim trains very intensely!

Just a few thoughts. But once again, remember, you don’t have to really feel it for it to work, although if you follow the guidelines above I’m sure you’ll feel something. BTW, Tim has been on the product longer than anyone (except maybe John Berardi)and he told me he’s now able to train 5 days a week instead of 4 and is training each bodypart almost TWICE per week, something he couldn’t do before Surge. He said the scale weight is going up, yet his bodyfat is dropping. Tim told me all this is a private, casual conversation so I’m not just quoting ad copy here.

I get my Surge tomorrow so I’ll pass on my observations in a few days.

I was talking to Tim Patterson and thought I’d pass along a few interesting things. First, remember you do not have to (or want to for that matter!) pass out after taking Biotest Surge! But if you really want to feel it, here’s what you do. 1) Make sure you don’t have food in your stomach when you take it. Digestion pretty much sucks during training, so if you eat right before your workout, it’s safe to say that when you take your Surge after you won’t get optimal effects since you’ll be mixing it with food. Tim never trains with food in his stomach and sometimes even trains a little hungry, so when he takes his Surge he gets a huge hit from it. 2) The intensity of your workouts may also affect the feeling you get after taking Surge. For example, an intense, hard leg training session with squats will affect you differently than, say, arm day (small muscle groups). Tim trains intensely, believe me!

Tim’s been on the product longer than anyway (except maybe JB) and since he’s been taking Surge he’s been able to increase his workouts from 4 to 5 days per week. He’s also been able train each muscle group almost TWICE per week, something he couldn’t do before Surge. He said the scale weight is up and his bodyfat is down. He’s been using some Androsol and Tribex but no steroids during this time.

BTW, Tim told me all this in a private, casual conversation, so this isn’t ad copy or anything. I just thought that was pretty interesting. I start Surge tomorrow so I’ll let you know my experiences in a few days.

Got mine last wednesday(4/19) and have used it following 6 workouts so far. In the past I have always had poor recuperation, in particular i’d always have whicked delayed onset muscle sorness(doms). After going through workouts(legs for example) which would normally leave me whining for 5 or 6 days, I am raring to go within 1 to 2 days and no more doms.

And the taste is excellent, to me it tastes like angel food cake(my wife actually picked up on that flavor).

A question: Most of what I’ve read indicates that, other than following an intense workout, you are most catabolic upon awakening in the morning. Following this(brief) bit of reasoning, does it make sense to make surge the first thing I consume upon waking?

After an intense workout, I came home, mixed up the Surge and proceeded to gulp it down. My initial reaction was that it was bitter, but as soon as I had more, I could taste the vanilla/almond flavor. Not bad. And at least it’s easily swallowed without gagging. Mixing it with water was odd for me because I usually mix Grow with milk. So I wasn’t ready for the thinness. But it was all good.

I also took my second cap of T2 with the Surge. At first, I didn't feel anything. After about a half hour, I felt a little warm. Maybe it was the T2. After 45 minutes I felt a bit lightheaded and almost had to go lay down. After an hour, I felt like normal. I'll keep you posted as I continue to use the T2 and Surge.

I got my Surge yesterday and tried it out
for the first time today. Taste is pretty
good! Except for a few minutes AFTER drinking
it - whoa, yuck. After abotu 30 min, I felt
giddier than usual and very energetic. I think
it was an insulin spike, definitely. It’s
a bit early to tell after one sample but
i am going to add it to my post workout
plan for sure. Previously I was drinking
a bottle of Rapid Recovery by worldwide nutrition, which tasted like ass and just
had some protein and carbs in it. I think
the plastic of the bottle and the drink
itself were actually the same substance.

anyone losinf fat like tim said? i havent felt it yet but i hope it kicks in soon cuz i wanna be a little more ripped

How does it mix? Is a blender needed? That would be a problem because most of us need at least 10-20 min to get back home from the gym.

Neil- I use a blender, but in your situation just blend it before you go and take it with you in a bottle (add ice so it’ll stay cold) or just take the powder with you in a shaker bottle and fill it up at the water fountain.

You’re NOT going to get ripped on surge!!! Go back and read the post-workout articles (solving the post workout puzzle). This drink is designed to increase recovery time and muscle mass. It does nothing to decrease fat mass. Over time, if you gain muscle, that will help you become more metabolic and this will indirectly increase fat loss, but there is nothing in surge that directly decreases fat mass. If you are hoping that from surge, you are going to be disappointed.

I just add 2.5 scoops to a bottle and take it with me to the gym. After training I just add water. It mixes fast and easy and it really does taste like angelfood cake!