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Biotest Surge has entered the building

T-men and T-women,

Since most of you probably are recieving your first order of Surge this week I wanted to just answer a few questions and make a request.

First, the answers…Ive been getting alot of questions about what you should and shouldn’t add to Surge. My suggestion is to ADD NOTHING. If I thought these substances would make a substantial impact on the effectiveness of this drink, don’t you think I would have included them? Gymnema, ALA, chromium, glucosol, inzitol, etc didnt slip my mind when I was formulating the Surge drink. I left them out for a reason. Namely, NOT one of these things has marked ACUTE effects. This means that a single dose of any of the above will not do anything for insulin sensitivity. They do have chronic effects however so if you are interested in improving insulin sensitivity you need to take them every day for weeks at an effective dose to realize any benefits. But dont take them during the post workout period! You see these herbs and things have impact on GI motility and potentially on nutrient absorption. No one really knows the full implications of this but suffice it to say that there is NO REASON to include them in your post workout drink so why risk them having some negative impact on the absorption and assimilation of the Surge formula?

And the request...for those who now taking Surge, please keep us posted as to the results you are experiencing, both in terms of objective measures like muscle gain and fat loss as well as subjective measures like perception of energy and recovery. Also let me know what you think of the taste. For you that have been using a home brew, I think you will be quite happy.

Just what I thought about ALA - but why are you using straight glutamine instead of glutamine peptides?? I thought ATX-75 was being tested with Gpeptides . . .

john, i read in one of your old posts that you consume like 5k calories a day. that seems like a lot, do u have a really high metabolism?

Hi John,

You wanted reports on Surge’s taste and results, and I’ll report on that tomorrow after I try it tonight. I opened the bottle I received today and must say it smells good. Very sweet & strong smell – exactly how I’ve dreamt that Anna Kournikova’s sweat must smell like when she plays outdoors in 90 degree heat. Yumm!

We went with straight GLN because of three things…1) It is less expensive…2) It tastes better…3) There is not much of a difference in terms of efficacy between peptides and free. I know some have argued otherwise and all I can say is that I dont agree. And it’s like my dad told me when I was a kid…the guy in the driver’s seat controls the radio stations.

Mark, the flavor of surge is slightly less tasty than Anna’s sweet sweat, but it’ll do…

And about the 5000 calorie comment, it is true. When trying to gain mass, I hover around 5000 cals per day. If you need to know why I choose this number, go read my massive eating articles. In these, I did a calorie calculation on myself.

For dieting, I usually start at about 3500 and go from there based on how fast Im losing the fat.

Yes my metabolic rate is very high. But that’s a function of a lot of muscle mass, a high daily energy expenditure, and really tight and smart eating.

I don’t have my Surge yet, so this questions may be answered on the bottle, but anyways…
You say add nothing, so I guess this means you mix it in water? IS it very thin(not viscous)?
The articles(Post Workout Puzzle) that Mr. Berardi wrote stated 0.8 g/kg body weight and 0.4g/kg in carbs and protein respectively. Must this be obeyed when making a surge shake? The bottle says the servings are 50g/25g, where as I would need 64/32. Should I add 1 and 1/4 servings to a mix?

I received my three containers of Surge yesterday along with a free Bio-Test T-shirt! Thank you Bio-Test. Last night I worked my arms and had a cup of Surge as soon as I came home and then followed it up with a small meal one hour later. As of today, my biceps are not as sore as a normal arm work out and I am stoked about going to the gym and doing lats and traps tonight. As of yesterday I weighed 185 and had 13.3% bodyfat. My height is six feet. Surge is pretty thin when mixed but the taste is not too bad. I will continue to keep you posted on my results.

Mr. Berardi,

I posted a question on the other issue on the board about whether i can take vanadyl sulfate together with surge.


Thanks for the feedback. Yea, it really does do a nice job of recovery and Ive seen that in everyone from endurance athletes to strength athletes.

It is a thin drink that must be mixed with water only. And on the label, there are instructions for body weight dosing.

Mr. Berardi, maybe you’ve answered this before, but wouldn’t adding 5 grams of creatine to Surge be perfect for creatine uptake?