Biotest sups - Info needed

Hi all.

I’m getting ready to order my first batch of Grow’s and Surges in a couple of weeks and I’m wondering if I would benefit from some other of Biotests supps.

I lift weights but I have only wanted to get heavier recently. I also do Martial arts, which is why I didnt want to gain weight, but now I want to go from -68kg to -80kg.

I’m mostly wondering about Tribex, M, ZMA and Powerdrive.

Thanks in advance.


Do a search in the search engine here.

looking at how much you eat will be most important when increasing weight.

I’m bulking for fights right now. I have yet to take M, but ZMA and Tribex are really good. (I plan on ordering M soon) The first week on I was a little edgey, but that backs off and I actually got harder to piss off. You really should focus on diet, but since lifting lowers vitamin T, I think it is a great idea to supp.

All the supps. you listed are great and have their time and place in everyones routine.

Besides the surge and grow I would say that the ZMA would be a great addition to anyone’s daily supps.

But also as others have stated your diet is going to be #1. No supp will correct a bad diet.

So make sure your diet is solid and then you will get even more out of the tribex, powerdrive and such.

What I am trying to say is they will be very effective supps. on a less than optimal diet, but if you get your diet nailed they will work that much better.

hope that helps,


Yes, got diet down.

What I’m wondering about Tribex and M mostly are what do they do? How will they affect me and how will I benefit from them?

Here, I used the search engine for you:

Tribex Pro-Testosterone Formula

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, gaining muscle, losing fat, experiencing a healthy sex drive, and even feeling good is directly related to your Testosterone levels. Tribex-500 is designed to boost your natural T levels into the “high normal” zone. That?s cool because you not only get the benefits of having elevated T levels, you don?t get any of the negative side effects associated with steroid use.

Tribulus terrestris, one of the main ingredients in Tribex-500, has always had a rep as an “okay” Testosterone booster. Why just “okay”? Well, most companies would buy whatever cheap crapola that was available and stick it in their products. Hey, Tribulus is Tribulus, right. Wrong!

As it turns out, there are about a million things that affect the quality and effectiveness of this super herb. What separates Tribex-500 from the other products on the market is that Biotest pays very careful attention to all these factors.

Furthermore, Tribex-500 contains a highly potent, one-of-a-kind extract of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris that’s manufactured exclusively for Biotest. In fact, studies show that Tribex-500 blows away all similar products on the market, in terms of overall effect and protodioscin content (the active ingredient).
Recently, Tribex-500 was improved again as the folks over at Biotest figured out a way to extract the “good stuff” even more efficiently from the Tribulus and Avena sativa. The result is an herbal supplement that may even surpass the effectiveness of drugs like clomiphene citrate at stimulating both free and total T levels. (Not to mention providing more “wood” than a redwood forest!)

Here’s the real skinny: You know that friend of yours with naturally high T levels? You know, the one that can put on muscle easily, drop fat with no problem, and make time with the ladies like a pro? Tribex-500, the great equalizer, can get you there, too.

The lowdown:

Helps you build muscle
May improve sexual performance

M Anti-Estrogen/Pro-Testosterone Formula

A very short name for a very powerful supplement. I’ll make this real simple. If you’re a man and you want to be a muscular bastard, then remember: Testosterone good, estrogen bad. If you don’t control estrogen, the female hormone that all males have, you’ll have a hard time adding muscle and getting lean. Well, M is an estrogen squasher and helps create the perfect anabolic environment.
M contains Vitex agnus-castus and three other ingredients that together, block estrogen cold and optimize Testosterone levels! Studies show that each of the anti-estrogen ingredients is on par with an honest-to-goodness anti-estrogen drug! And we’ve got three of these E scavengers in M.
The lowdown:

Blocks estrogen at the receptor site.
Clears excess estrogen from the blood
Decreases prolatin levels (the hormone responsible for lactation, even in males.)

Stimulates the natural production of Testosterone.

Helps create the perfect environment for muscle gain or fat loss.