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Biotest Supps You'd Like to See


I was thinking I would love Biotest to make:

Caffeine-Free HRX!!!

Why? cause sometimes I want the effect of a metabolism booster but dont want my nervous system so stimulated. IMO HRX works better than any thyroid med as keeping you warm, but I cant tolerate alott of caffeine.

Sugar FREE LOW CARB Surge!

Because they could! Some of us still dont do well with carbs PWO. I think HYdrolyzed whey, Additional AAs, Glutamine, glycine, and bcaas!


For those of us who enjoy a daily mental boost that dont so easily relax. Remember the E product? I would love to see some super potent extracts of something you make 1, 9 gaba carbonate, di hydrol, methyl tryptophan ocetate. You get the point!

What are your guys ideas?


I love your idea of the low carb Surge; I actually make my own concoction of whey, glycine, glutamine, cinnamon, creatine, and phostphatidylserine, and mix it all together in an old Surge tub, but I'm sure Biotest could make something taste incredibly better.

Either that, or Biotest Glutamine would be nice to have, since it's so highly recommended on the articles here.. it sucks having to pick it up elsewhere. That and maybe a powered BCAA+G Cocktail.. I just prefer powdered BCAA's especially during my workout.

They said they were working on a Greens product, which is fantastic. I'd also love to see 5 lb tubs of Metabolic Drive, and maybe a new flavor.

How about a Power Drive-esque beverage for those of us who are cortisol types? By that, I mean RTD.


Lets see..............

Test e
Test prop
igf-1 Lr3
birth control
and tuxedo man-thong posing trunks.

Thats it, I dont think its too much too ask.


See, now that's just pushing it.

I was thinking powdered BCAA's & greens (which I hear is in the making).


One the of things about Biotest is they generally don't put out products which already saturate the market. The exception being Biotest Creatine, which I believe they decided to offer based on demand and the fact that we could be sure of its high quality and low price.

BCAA powder, however, seems to be covered by Superior Nutraceuticals in terms of quality and lowest price (I'm actually paraphrasing Biotest's own Bill Roberts here) so Biotest made the next best thing: super concentrated, affordable pills.

I'm not so sure Glutamine is so highly recommended here other than in very specific circumstances; i.e. use for glycogen replenishment during very low carb diets. It seems the general consensus with Biotest is to offer more novel compounds of a higher purity and concentration, usually at an earlier time, than anywhere else.

One thing you have to consider is the universality of products; weighing the options as to what type of product is going to benefit most of the people most of the time.

But if Biotest DID make an extremely low-carb Surge that tasted good...well, that would be one hell of a feat. Hydrolyzed whey and Glutamine and Glycine with BCAAs without carbs? vomits profusely


Another vote for low carb Surge. I would much rather drink a BCAA drink throughout the day,a and after a workout than pop bcaa tabs. Of course the taste of the original Surge cannot be beat, replicating that would be great. I bet that would be a huge hit.

A un-Spike seems like an interesting idea as well. Something to lift your mood and relax the nervous system.


I'd like to see Biotest come out with the first high quality curcumin/piperine product. As a compound it's benefits are just being understood. Maybe package it with a little REZ-V and market it as an all around health supp.


GREAT idea!


does Biotest have any peptide/protein chemists?


I vote for a Biotest multivitamin. We can buy our supps from the Biotest store, but have to buy our multivitamins somewhere else. That way, Biotest would make a great product and it would be a one-stop shop for all of our supplement needs.


Just please please continue regular flavor Surge. The original is the best and I don't think I can ever get tired of it.

I'd like to see some PB flavored protein powder.

Also some protein pudding...


HGH in nice easy on the liver tablets please, ohh and it would help if they were proper cheap and highly potent too :slightly_smiling:


Condoms with the tribal T on it. WHAM.


an NO product. Duh!

Seriously. Why don't they take a look at the market. The only product of theres that has any exposure to most people is HOT-ROX. Unless you frequent T-Nation you likely haven't heard of any other Biotest Products.

So in order to create a legitimate, functioning product to compete with the NO Vapors and NO-Xplodes that all the 15 year olds are buying they should create some sort of energy drink that combines the labels of Spike or HOT-ROX, and their own creatine.

So...Spike-Creatine in a can or in a mix.



I don't understand why they don't have this? I mean you see posts all the time asking for powdered bcaa suggestions. Why? Cause I don't want to swallow 30 pills a day and because bcaas are cheaper in powdered form. I'm not saying that the current bcaa pills are overpriced. They are far from that. I'm just saying that there's obviously demand for BCAA powder here so why not capitalize on it?


Once again...

NewDamage wrote:
BCAA powder, however, seems to be covered by Superior Nutraceuticals in terms of quality and lowest price (I'm actually paraphrasing Biotest's own Bill Roberts here) so Biotest made the next best thing: super concentrated, affordable pills.

Biotest, at least as of the time their BCAAs were released, could not beat the price of Superior Nutraceuticals' BCAA powder. Therefor, instead of putting out a product which is more expensive, and of no higher quality than what is out there, made tablets instead.

I am not pulling this out of my ass. It has been discussed before.


I second the powdered BCAA's pill forms so expensive.

Maybe a high quality multi vitomen for men? Something with ZMA+good stuff -iron. I know its out there but they are expensive.


ZMA is meant to be taken alone. Too many vitamins and minerals compete with one another for absorption, especially calcium. TC has stated that all of the multivitamin formulas are suboptimal, and until Biotest can actually figure out what would be the best route to go with this, it most likely won't be offered. He has hinted that if anything, it would have to be a multi-unit supplement, with anti-oxidants, minerals, and calcium packaged seperately and taken at times seperate from each other in order to maximize utilization. This would most likely not go over well with consumers (the majority of them, anywayz) who want to pop one pill and have their bases covered, which is a practice that just doesn't mesh well with optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals.


wait what this post about? i was distracted by somebody's avatar

oh yea Biotest supps ... maybe something that stimulates glucagon secretion for weight loss. =P


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