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Biotest Supps to UK?


Hey guys, there are only so many Biotest supps that are stocked by UK suppliers. I would like to try 'Superfood' and more...Has anyone living in England ordered their Biotest supps from T-Nation? I want to do it, all though it costs a fortune for shipment etc it may be worth it for the quality supps. Is it safe/reliable to order from here to a uk address? Please advise


doesn't London Runner sell Biotest stuff or did i imagine that? PM him and ask. Hopefully he will chime in here though.

Also don't forget ebay and amazon


cheers dude! I'll do both, so you not actually ordered from here? Has ne1 else?


You are level 1. I play about with the quantities to save on shipping.
IMO it's safe a reliable although be aware of customs/taxes. They leave it at the depot now and won't deliever until they recieve payment. Pay attension to the exhcange rate too.


thanks redglad, gotcha on the conversion i'll be sure to work that out. as for the customs/taxes do u mean once ive purchased it off here i'll need to make a second payment before i recieve it??


Yes, once it's been delivered, our queen requires payment. There doesn't seem to be any set figure, it works out roughly at 20% extra, although I've heard of cases as much as 40% extra. If you are very lucky sometimes it's ZERO.

Depending on what you buy it normally works out cheaper from T-Nation than our from UK. (except Surge Recovery and Metabolic Drive).

Haven;t you made an order previously?


Ahh ok, shit! errr no, i've not ordered before! an all i ever tried was Biotest's ZMA bought from uk store (which was awesome i may add) i contemplated buying more from Biotest but then thought nahhh for that price! guess the uk suppliers charge that much due to thier shipping fees. However id really, really like to give Superfood a shot but its not even available in uk like most other newbie supps.

i just found a supplier on ebay but they too is pricey an dont have the latest ):


I worked it out to be around �£33 per �£100 of goods.

The duty rate on supplements is 12.8%, and the VAT is 17.5%.

So an example would be:

  1. The Duty Rate is 12.8% and VAT is 17.5%.
  2. 100GBP x 12.8% = 12.80GBP. This is A.
  3. 100GBP + 12.80GBP = 112.80GBP x 17.5% = 19.74GBP This is B.
  4. A + B = 32.54GBP


Ahh thanks for that RSGZ, that's a lot added on, feckin rip off arnt they bastard government!! Neway I'll try my best to do some calculations and see what the cheapest deal is so i dont get had off