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Biotest Supps in M&F

Okay, I admit it, I bought a Muscle & Fitness today. Primarily I bought the magazine for the protein meals anyone can make. While flipping through looking for the recipies, that I still can’t find, I ran across a slogan I had seen before. “My name is Spike and I am here to blow your head off”. I also saw TRIBEX while I was flipping pages. Interestingly enough M&F had a supplement recommendation list that had a supplement from about all of their advertisers except Biotest.

So how long has Biotest been appearing in M&F?

I have to admit that I was angry at first. Later I realized that it’s not their fault. It would be like getting angry at a stripper for giving someone else a lapdance. That little ho is just earning baby food money, it’s not personal.

So I forgive you Biotest, can you forgive me?


This topic was discussed a couple of months ago.

You might want to search to find that thread as I believe it had quite a few responses.