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Biotest Supps in Canada?


I would be interested in knowing what other Canadians do to combat the high cost of shipping to the Great White North.

I find sometimes that the shipping costs almost approach the cost of the supps themselves. This has led me to purchase other brands at lower cost and cycle in stuff like Surge and Metabolic Drive a couple of times a year.

As I travel in the states fairly often I also hunt out Vitaminshop stores and try and pick up whatever Biotest supps that I would use/need if the pricing is not excessive versus the online store (which typically tends to be the case).


Agreed with the point about being cheaper than going to GNC and the like, however, I find that the shipping costs tend to make the cost not competitive against other online choices.

I recently went to make a purchase of 5 items to find my cost was roughly $90 for the products and another $70 for shipping.

I suppose if they offered their products in bulk (i.e. 15 lb bag of Surge) to reduce packaging costs that might help.

But seriously, if you need 4+ items in the Biotest Store and patiently wait for the Ground shipping, it is still MUCH cheaper than decent brands at local stores in Ontario.[/quote]


Although the products are excellent, I can't justify the shipping costs, plus any brokerage that customs sometimes adds on.
This topic has been addressed many times, I guess us Canadians just don't order enough for Biotest to give us a break...or maybe that's why we don't order enough.
Personally, if I could get free shipping or at least a reduced rate, I'd order a boatload of stuff.


So wait a second...I CAN get stuff shipped to Canada? All this time I thought I couldn't...please tell me I'm being an idiot so I can place my first order..


We ship to customers in Canada every day.


Shipping cost is based on order weight and destination, so 15 lb of Surge Recovery would cost the same to have shipped regardless of the number of bottles it was in.


I understand shipping costs would remain the same but handling and customs/brokerage fees would be less. Additionally, one would think that operational costs on the Biotest side would be less with bulk packaging.

On top of all this, Biotest could reduce costs by doing away with the fancy packaging as well. I do not think anyone purchases their products for the purdy pictures on the bottles. I understand why it is done but if the target customer is the educated lifter it should not be necessary. As an example take a look at the products that are sold by Charles Poliquin.