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Biotest Supps Available in Stores?


New to T-Nation and Biotest.

tried HOT-ROX before i came to this site, didn't really work for me at all, but i was looking at some of the articles and was interested in Surge and possibly some other products and i was wondering if these products are available in retail stores or exclusively online.



why not just buy from here, free shipping

HOT-ROX didn't work? I guess your diet and nutrition were in order, as everyone says it is


I've seen TRIBEX, Alpha Male, HOT-ROX and Spike in the stores.

The protein powders are exclusively online, as far as I know.


well i dont know whether or not it works, i dieted for 5 weeks and lost about 18 lbs (water weight included because i was on creatine beforehand). But i think that was mostly diet, i ate ~2000 cals a day w/ a lot of cardio, went low low carb last 2 weeks. HOT-ROX never gave me any real feeling of stimulation, energy, or warmth inside. never even made me sick or feel it in any way, except the first day i took 4 in one day.