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Biotest supps availabilty in the UK

I was on the Cyberflex website today and saw that MD6 and Tribex are going to be pulled from sale in the UK as they have been banned by the MCA. Anyone know anything about this? I’m pretty pissed about it cos i want some but i can’t afford it til payday and i reckon everywhere is gonna be sold out by then :frowning: Looks like they banned a whole load of AST prohormones too, so don’t be suprised if Androsol goes the same way. Man, i hope they let Mag10 through, but i’m not getting my hopes up. GRRRRRR…
Also, what brand of Vitex you UK boys using, Holland & Barrett do some, but i’m not sure if its the right stuff??


Use the 400mg agnus castus supplement from holland and barrett you should have no problems. About the Biotest supplements, that really sucks!!! Did Biotest.co.uk and affordablesupplements.co.uk have the same message. Try and stock up what you like if you can. Sorry and GOOD LUCK bro. AJ