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Biotest Supplements

Hey Guy’s, Tim Patterson had a great article I just read. I use 2 or 3 Biotest Supps… Low-Carb Grow! / Low-Carb Grow! Bars / Surge…
I also use Muscle Milk. Does anyone else use this or have tried it??

I only stick with Grow!

Yeah ive tried many of their supplements, my favourite was Androsol, that stuff rocked!!! Looking back I feel sorry for my girlfriend at the time. I dont think she was ready for the increase in Libio

I’ve had some negative experiences too though. MAG-10 made me feel as sick as a dog for some reason and TRIBEX didnt do a hell of a lot.

Now i just stick to Spike (my new baby). It focuses my mind really well.

Biotest needs to allow other online methods of payment as i dont have a credit card (or ever will want one) and you cant pay with paypal.
This means I cant buy direct and have to pay more through a distributor. This extra cost has sent me elsewhere sometimes.