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First can anyone tell me when to take Methoxy-7, it doesnt say on the labels. Also has anyone taken M while takeing Alpha Male? Or is it a dumb idea?



The time of day you take Methoxy-7 doesn't really matter, rather, just be certain to take one serving and then the subsequent serving 10-12 hours later.

I would recommend using M during those times where you're not using Alpha Male.

Hope this helps.


i actually just started taking Methoxy-7, and this guy told me he recommended taking 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, then 3 at night. is that a good idea? right now i take 3 in the morning and 3 at night but i thought about doing what he said.


Are you taking it after dinner or before you go to bed right now?


Thanks for your reply it did help. I am just wondering did you mean take M after Im done with the Alpha Male or take it later in the day after I take the Alpha Male?

Also I am 18 and I know that my testosterone levels are at their highest right now, and I have been making some pretty nice gains after not taking a lot of supplements just protein. But would this help me produce more testosterone? Or would it just not do anything for me? Thanks again


I'm not Cy, but I believe the recommendation is to take M when you're not taking Alpha Male at all. Example being after a stint of Alpha Male; or if you're cycling Alpha Male 5 days on/2 off, you could take the M on the 2 off days.


right now im taking 3 after breakfast then 3 after dinner... i was just going to throw the other 3 in after lunch


You could certainly try his suggestion and see how it works for you.


Sorry, I meant use the M after you've finished using the Alpha Male.

As for whether it would help, well, it's not going to hinder matters, but at your particular age (and I'm assuming limited training experience) I would rather see someone such as yourself focusing on an adequate diet and consistent training. Supplementing protein intake with Grow! and perhaps including Methoxy-7 isn't a bad idea and would be my recommendation. I would save the Alpha Male and M for a couple of years down the road.


Thanks atmosphere!