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Biotest Supplements


I was just wondering what all the supplements that Biotest supply are good for and when they are best taken? I.e if I order all of them, when would I take certain ones, which ones are best to combined with each other to get the max effects.



What are your goals (Bodybuilding, powerlifting, Ext.,Ext..)?



do your own research and come back with some specific questions. Would you really take the advice of a bunch of sarcastic, newbie blasting, internet guru's--on what to ingest?
Your question is so vague, it really has no answer. Help yourself out--read up, analyze your goals, get back with goal specific questions.


Way to wreck all my fun bigfoot;)

PS-Where are you in WI again? We need to organize our T-Cell, you know, all three of us in three different corners of the state.