Biotest Supplements

I want everybody to name the their top 3 bitoest supplements. I would like everyone’s opinion on which supplements I should buy.

  1. Mag-10
  2. Hot Rox
  3. Grow!, or, if you count that in the food category and want another supp, Surge

Since they all do the same thing, that’s a great question.


My goals are to increase strength and power while increasing my bodyweight. I 5’7" 154lbs and 20 years old. I have no specific set diet. I’m trying out for a college football team in March as a walkon.

What position?

Wide receiver

  1. Tribex
  2. Methoxy-7
  3. Mag 10
  1. Surge
  2. Low Carb Grow
  3. Hot Roxx

#1 SURGE! (its the BOMB)
#2 Grow!
#3 Hot-Rox

Oh, did I mention that SURGE! is the BOMB?

For size and strength:

I would say Grow to but you can just eat. If mag-10 is out because of testing or something I would go with Tribex.

You’re gonna get torn a new asshole at 157 lb 5’7, unless you’re trying out for the hoboken division 8 rangers.

doppel, I heard that the hoboken division 8 rangers will actually a fearsome team next year. Watch out.

  1. Power Drive (for beter workouts)
  2. Surge (for great pwo recovery–& awesome taste)
  3. Mag-10 (when you’re ready for the next level)
  1. tribex
  2. zma (just for effects on sleep, not on strength.)
  3. hot rox

dante hall is tiny and he’s one of the most dangerous guy in the NFL…

It can be done, but thats once in a lifetime. Bulk up. Pro-hormones, lots of protein, heavy lifting and football specific drills. Thats my suggestion.

I think that before you even think about purchasing Mag 10 or similar products you should strongly consider getting a solid diet in place. The word “supplement” means exactly what it says. The idea is to SUPPLEMENT and already strong training and nutrition program not replace it.

If an overweight person came on here asking which supplements were best for fat loss, but specified that they didn’t have a specific diet in place they’d be torn to shreds for seeking a quick fix.

As consider protein powders (i.e., GROW) and post-workout shakes (i.e., SURGE) more like foods you should be using these two products before considering others.

Get your diet in place and you’ll make great gains.

Thanks for the feedback guys as we continue this thread I’ll show you some of the numbers i’ve put up even though my diet has been poor.
Full squat(butt to heels)-275
Parallel Squat(powerlifting style)-315
Sumo deadlift-405lbs
Bench Press-245lbs

Most of these lifts were at my current bodyweight and some when I was 160lbs.