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Biotest supplements

Does ayone know if any stores in the Baltimore, MD area sell Biotest supplements.

Thanks for the help


Not sure about Baltimore, but I know that the VitaminShoppe in Northern VA and DC areaa carries Biotest products.

thanks. Ill check at some VitaminSHoppes around here. If not Ill go check out some places down tin DC or Virginia

I’m pretty sure there is a Vitamin Shoppe in Owings Mills. Check their website. However, you’re going to pay a lot extra buying from Vitamin Shoppe than from online.

I buy everything online, so I wouldn’t know. Everything’s so much cheaper that way.

GNC will order supps for you, if you ask them. This would be a great thing to do, since if you order Biotest stuff regularly through them, they might start stocking it regularly.

I agree it would be wise to by Biotest supplements online it same money and time… You can get it here or I like to buy products from netrition.com they are pretty reliable and well stock w/ all types of supplements including Biotest…

I checked the website and im gonna hit up the Owings Mills store when i get back from Spain in a couple of weeks. Im 17 and i dont have a credit card to order something off the internet.

I was in Security Mall today and went in GNC to see if the had any Biotest sups. They sure did! Should I list their entire stock?

One bottle MD6