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Biotest Supplements

I wanted to post this in the Biotest forum but for some reason couldn’t get the new post button to work.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try out some of the Biotest products for a while. Because I’m Australian, shipping costs and the exchange rate make this a somewhat more expensive proposition, so I want to make sure I do my homework - both in terms of what to get and how long it’s likely to last me so I can decide whether I can afford it or not.

My main training focus is strength, but I also need to increase muscle. My training reflects this. I’m working on slowly reducing my body fat (currently sitting mid to low 20%s) through a smallish calorie deficit (2700/day, never less than 200 grams of protein, usually 220-230 grams, carbs around 200 grams, fat ranging from 80-130 grams). I’m currently sitting at 215 lbs at 5 9’.

My diet is decent. Mostly lean meat, veggies, eggs, olive oil, oats, white rice, potatoes and semolina/polenta and a scoop or two of whey protein per day usually with my oats. I don’t use a ton of supplements:

  • creatine monohydrate, 5-10 grams daily
  • one serving BCAAs per training session, maybe two if it’s longer
  • pre-workout if I’m feeling flat (rarely more than twice a week)

What would I need to get to be equivalent/build on this? I was thinking Mag-10 and Surge, maybe Micro-PA.

One Plazma
Two Plazma
Surge Workout Fuel if money is tight
Metabolic Drive of money is tight
Nothing wrong with creatine. Inexpensive.

After that, depends on actual goal.