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biotest supplements

ive read the massive eating and growth surge articles and then i went to the biotest online store. my question is which supplements will fit me best for a 2 month cycle im doing? i plan on buying Surge, Grow, Power Drive, and Advanced Protein. do you think this is a good set of supplements for me to get huge? i plan on having advanced protein in the morning as a part of my breakfast, surge for post workout, grow along with lunch, and power drive obviously before i work out. does this sound good? thanks a lot.

Follow the article’s advice and train hard. Eat frequently and eat a lot, but monitor body composition. All the supps that you bought are great. Based on the tone of your post though, it sounds like you still have a lot to learn. I would suggest that you keep reading through all the back issues of T-mag (especially all of 2001). There is a ton of information in those issues and should only help you on your quest to get huge.