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Biotest Supplements the best?


I was just wondering if people really feel that Biotest supplements are the best and are worth the money. WIll they actually produce better results than a regular whey protein or muscle milk? I'm not necessarily talking about the whole Anaconda protocol, but more like Metabolic Drive or Surge vs. Gold Standard 100% Whey.


Based on my limited experience I would say yes. I have been using Surge recovery for about 5 out of the 6 months I have been lifting. That's the only one I use though. I still have a ways to go before supplement quality will make a difference. I take another fish oil supplement because I already had a huge bottle of it.


Whey is for cows man, try some protein for humans.

Having said that, Biotest definitely makes quality supplements. The most popular supplements my clients enjoy are the TRIBEX, Alpha Male, and Spike shooters.

Show me another company that makes a leucine-enriched hydrolyzed casein and I'll show you a rip off.

Plus with awesome articles showcasing how to use their supplements and their benefits, you really can keep yourself informed if you have the mental facilities to do so.

Biotest, definitely 9/10.


Biotest makes good - great products

buy from Biotest


I haven't tried many Biotest products, but I have tried a lot of different whey and whey/casein products. Metabolic Drive and Grow! are two of the best tasting protein supplements that I've ever tried and the price (especially the free shipping) beats any commercial product with a comparable ingredient list. Biotest creatine mono is stupid cheap as well.

The basics definitely work, taste and price are excellent and the company seems to give a shit about their customers' experiences and concerns so I'm pretty confident about their quality.


I enjoy using Muscle Milk, Optimum Nutrition products and get great results, but at the same time I've used Grow!, Surge Recovery and some of the other Biotest products and have had a great experience as well. I have never tried a Biotest product and said to myself, "Well that was a waste of money..." I can not find a single product in their store that is bullshit.

The prices are pretty good, you can guarantee that you are getting quality ingredients in everything you buy, and I always get my order within 3 business days of placing an order-- and free shippng. Are their better products out there? Perhaps, maybe in some areas, but I can always rely on Biotest to get quality for a fair price. They put a whole lot of money in this website, and I have yet to find a better source for open/free information that has actually HELPED me in one place too.


honest answer...

Metabolic Drive has casein and whey isolate in it...some people have less stomach problems with those proteins rather than whey concentrate...if you are alergic to whey or lactose, you may want to try Metabolic Drive...

optimum is whey concentrate...

from a muscle gaining perspective, it doesn't matter...protein is protein...people may say otherwise, but they are biased...


I've had great results with ribs and cornbread. But in all seriousness, as far as taste is concerned I really like Surge Recovery and Metabolic Drive. They seem to have more substance in the flavor than most other brands of protein that I've tried which taste very watered down and light. The exception being Muscle Milk, which tastes pretty good except for the after taste of diet sugar.

With regards to results, I'm not sure if Biotest products would make that much of a difference over other brands as long as you are training hard and eating the right food. I know a lot of guys who have awesome results without using any supplements.

That being said, I think taste has a lot to do with my choice in protein, and Biotest has so far proven to be the best in my opinion.

I do highly recommend some of their other supplements. I like Alpha Male, the BCAA tabs, Superfood, and Flameout. I rarely use protein anymore because I eat so much food, but those are supplements that I like to take on a regular basis (with the exception of Alpha Male, which I cycle every couple of months).


If you could only buy 1 or 2 of their products, what would they be? Like what is the most important supplement, an after workout product like Surge Recovery or what? thanks


I personally hate the taste of all the Optimum Nutrition flavors when mixed with water. Their products taste like garbage.

That said, I ordered some Grow! whey from Biotest just to try it out. The price is actually a little cheaper than ON whey when you buy it in bulk, and it gets delivered right to your door for free. And the taste is AMAZING.... even with just water (I have only tried chocolate, however).

I would highly recommend.


I've had nothing but a good experience with Biotest products. The few times that I had a problem with an order, Biotest took care of me immediately and to my complete satisfaction. I'm probably a Biotest customer for life as long as they will keep selling to me.

Also, I have the information on this site to thank for most of my results. I don't know any lifters in my area and I go to a nice but normal gym. So this is the place I learned about squats, deads, and pretty much anything else useful in my training. I buy here because I love the site and don't want it to go away.

Top 2 products for me?

Surge Recovery and Grow! Natural flavor. I work out early in the morning and I mix those 2 pre-workout. I have energy for the workout and I don't feel like throwing up. I like other products here too (Flameout, FA3, Metabolic Drive Bars, ZMA, etc), but I don't want to have to find a replacement for Surge Recovery and Grow!


When a company gets called out for label discrepancies and flat-out harmful ingredients, I find it very hard to go back to them. Just sayin'.

If I had to barebones it, I'd go MAG-10 for during the day and pre/during-workout (pretty much what I do now) and Spike Shooter for sanity. Or, as an alternate second, Flameout for joint and cardiovascular health.

And, not to be a dick, but I need to mention that at 6'1" and 170, food should be your first and foremost priority.


It entirely depends on your goals and diet.

What do you think you need? The real food you eat matters a lot more than the supplements you take so make sure to get your nutrition in check before worrying about any extras.

For me, the only supplement I NEED is a quick digesting whey. I use a scoop of Grow! (with a scoop of creatine and a scoop of L-Leucine)as my workout nutrition. I mix with 16 oz of water and sip through out my workout. I eat a solid meal before and after. Everything else supplement wise is secondary.

Surge Recovery and MAG-10 are also excellent choices for workout nutrition, all though pricier.


That was a little old, I'm at 190 now but still eating a lot of real food to gain mass. Was just wondering about Biotest and now I think I know all I need to about them. Thank you everyone


Has anyone tried ultimate nutrition trib and Biotest trib? I get the ultimate @ the moment b/c it's relatively cheap, but if the quality of the Biotest is much higher I might try that out.

I love Grow! Whey. It's very easy on my GI and taste great. The creatine is really easy on my GI too and crazy cheap. I got some Rhodiola Rosea and it actually worked! I was afraid it would be no better than lawn clippings but it had a very noticable effect.

I've heard some people like to switch up brands with protein every once in a while.


lol! "Hey man, not to be a big bag of dick, but let me answer your question and then tell you that you do not weigh enough from my point of view." Ehhhhh, the sooner people realize...


lets just say, if i loived in the US or international shipping wasnt £50 a go, i would be a Biotest addict


Ok, I get it, I should be focusing on just eating more