Biotest supplements in New York

Could anyone here tell me where I can get Biotest supplements in the New York City/ Long Island area? I’ve tried many different health food and vitamin stores and nobody seems to carry them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are two nutrisports that I found online that sell biotest stuff
Long Island
103 Fulton St
Farmingdale, Ny. 11735
(516) 454-9774

2506 Merrick Rd
Bellmore, Ny. 11710
(516) 409-8292


If you’re in Manhattan try Nutripeak at 237 West 15th Street (off 8th Ave)or their new store at 207 East 85th Street. They carry the Biotest line (no Surge or T2 yet). Good luck!

While we’re at it,how 'bout in northern New Jersey.I would
“love” to try a bottle of “Tribex” before having to go
for the 3 for 2 deal on the web-site. I am dying to find out
if it will put the lightning back in the rod,if you know what
I mean, nudge-nudge-wink-wink!

Heya Manimals. Check out Musclemag in Carle Place right across the street from Roosevelt Fields Mall. They carry several products from the Biotest line and have damn good prices. I was told that Lee Priest will be doing an appearance there, and then one at the KFC down the street where he’ll sign his name on napkins using the saturated grease still boiling at his fingertips. Lata.

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Any of you guys from LI? I’m from Stony Brook, and was just curious

Heya Manimals. Yeah, I’m from Great Neck, you’re all the way out in Suff.

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Why do all you Nassau people say that? All the way out?? Hehe. Interesting though that we got some Long Islanders in here