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Biotest supplements in Canada?


I live in Canada, and would like to get my hands on some biotest products. I do not wish to order over the internet at some american website, but would rather prefer to go a distrubter in Toronto. Are there any distrubiters in Toronto?


http://www.sndcanada.com has a wide variety of Biotest products. They also have retail stores, but I believe the most easterly store is in Mississauga. They have most of their stores in SW Ontario.

I've used them for almost 2 years now, excellent prices and service.

If you're looking for Mag10, you'll have trouble, as it's banned in Canada. You can try www.pacific-nutrition.com, which apparently will sell Mag10, but you have to call. There was a thread about this in the Hot Rox forum. Check the archives.



Pacific nutrition has a warning directly on their website stating that any MAG-10 orders shipped to Canadian addresses will most likely be seized by customs.


If it is Mag10 that you want...there are places you can get it in Canada.
However...there are some products through Biotest that you can't get in Canada. Depends on what you want.
I just had something sent to me from them and while the delivery was speedy...it cost me $25+ in shipping charges. Just an FYI for you.


Here's a question that hasn't been asked in the last 10 minutes. . .

Anyway, I like www.heavyweights.net they're a good company.

If you try to get any of the prohormones (mag-10, 4-ad-ec) into Canada you can pretty much kiss them goodbye. While they might make it, it's a lot of money to put on the line. . .



Biotest is also sold by supplementscanada.com as well. Check out the price on Hot Rox.


I use renegadenutrition.com. Excellent service, good selection and prices. I had a terrible experience with heavyweights.net, so I definitely wouldn't recommend them.


Pacific Nutrition may sell you Mag-10, call and ask. As for stuff getting seized by Customs, well if you order through a distributing company, then it is the company's risk, not yours. If it's other stuff you want, try ordering stright from BioTest, the exchange is reasonable now and shipping is too. Watch out for trh GST/PST though.


I know there are a few distributers here in Hamilton if you're willing to take a trip.


If you're ordering Mag 10 from a Canadian distributor does it even go through customs? It's not crossing the border after all.I've ordered from pacificnutrition on their website and it got here (Ontario) fine.


Kinetix: Do you know any place in Hamilton carrying mag-10? I know of one place up here in Guelph, but he's pretty pricey. I'd like to compare prices to see if anyone in Hamilton's cheaper.