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Biotest Supplement Stacks


Hi all,

I'd like some help on purchasing Biotest supplements; I'm getting a little confused and I don't want to buy anything redundantly or with interactions.

Some background info: I've always loved T-mag and the articles. However, I was always dissapointed that they sold supplements. I had a lot of misconceptions about substances like testosterone. Now I realize that a lot of Biotest substances not only improve physical performance, but also boost mood and mental performance.

I understand the logic between having a cutting and a bulking stack. I love to train (all kinds of training modalities) but I'm not really pre-occupied with being hyuuge. I'm just pointing this out because I'm looking into a supplement stack I can use life-long without getting into cutting/bulking cycles.

Protein, Surge, Spike, Flameout, Power Drive all sound fantastic. It's the other stuff that I'm having a hard time figuring out.

Do I just take HOT-ROX + Alpha Male? Are TRIBEX and Carbolin 19 redundant?

Thanks guys,



With the new HOT-ROX and Alpha Male taking both would be redundant. Take one or the other. Both have Carbolin 19 in them to begin with. If you go with HOT-ROX, take TRIBEX. If you go with Alpha Male, don't take TRIBEX because they have the same function.

If you were trying to go for a simple but effective stack, I would go with Alpha Male, ZMA, Flameout and a multi-vitamin.


So HOT-ROX + TRIBEX or just Alpha Male?

That answers my question, thanks. :slight_smile:

I agree with your simple stack. Since I'll have the money next year, I might as well buy the other cool stuff as well. I plan to buy my multi from LEF.