Biotest Supplement Price Drop

Thanks Biotest!

This makes CT’s peri-workout nutrition plan much more financially manageable.

LOL. . . SHIT! I just ordered some stuff earlier this week and missed out on this drop. Oh well, next time will be better. I hope those prices are here to stay.

And I too would like to say thank you!


I heart Biotest.

SWF here I come!

Possible sign that I, Bodybuilder is coming out soon? Anaconda TOO?

$1.50 per FINiBAR? VERY fair pricing; I can’t imagine that they would drop the price were it not sustainable for at least the near-term. All very good news to this consumer. Thanks, Biotest.

damn …just did an order two days ago…do you guys think that these prices are gonna stay?..i think its a sign that I Bodybuilder is coming out this week…

oh wow, if these prices stay like this, i may actually give some of their proteins a try. MD @ 13 bucks a pound is pretty reasonable.

DAMN IT; I made a huge order 2 weeks ago…
Oh well, I’ll like this next time I order :slight_smile:

Fuck yeah, Surge is only 38.00 bucks now.

Biotest fucking rules. this website, all the hott chicks and the best Supps on the planet.

Awesomeness! I`m a student in a finical crisis and theirs light at the end of the tunnel. lol

I made a big order last week or so, I may have to do some extra stocking. :slight_smile:

Yep. I actually wish they would get rid of automatic free delivery on everything, and make a 100 dollar minimum for free delivery- I bet that would get prices even lower.

I would have to imagine there is a surcharge on everything because of the no limit free delivery.

WHat the… did I miss the anouncement? So Surge Workout Fuel and Finibar reduced further. Anything else I missed?

yeah what else dropped? i haven’t bought supplements in a few months…

[quote]redgladiator wrote:
WHat the… did I miss the anouncement? So Surge Workout Fuel and Finibar reduced further. Anything else I missed?[/quote]

This thread explains some recent reductions in the price of proteins, workout shakes, and bars:

And here I was going to go stand out on the corner by the gym with a sign saying " Need Money for Supplements!"

I might have to anyways, my job is laying a lot of us off on the 16th and I am one of them…

Thank you Biotest!!!