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Biotest Supp List - Australia


Hey all,

Just trying to get together a list of Biotest supps that members have gotten through customs. I've done a search and seen we can get Superfood and a few others, but would love to compile a list of the ones that can get through. Obviously can't get HOT-ROX through because of the Yohimbe, but am curious about Surge and Z-12.

I know Biotest has an aussie site but the products are quite expensive and more than often out of stock.
Cheers for the help.
Oh, and after months of reading this forum i've finally decided to join up. Love it =D


I'm a bit miffed myself, there's quite a few Biotest supplements offered on the American site that would easily make it through aussie customs, that aren't offered on the Biotest Australia/NZ website.

What's the deal with MAG-10? Is it a prohormone or not?


I found a list sometime ago that was a list of non-Biotest supps that Australian customs let through. Could use that as a sort of cross-check with similar products I suppose. Will have to go on a hunt.
I'll have a search for the old thread here on T-Nation I found, which said something about Surge workout, Superfood, and Grow! being allowed through. Hmmmmm...Off I go to troll the net.. (Any help from other Aussie members would be great!)


You are correct about the Yohimbine - it's banned here.

I can confirm Surge, MD protein, L-Leucine, Superfood and Se7en are all OK. Got 2 orders shipped less than 2 mths ago. Given the present x-rate you are much better off ordering from the US even with the shipping charges (unless you order like 1 can of protein only lol).


hey, i just did a search for Biotest in australia, figured id try some of the stuff out when its time for my next supplement run instead of the vitamin store, found the website www.biotestaustralia.com is that the one you guys were referring to or is it www.biotestedge.com.au

the websites appear kinda dodgy, you guys have bought from one of these websites? or where did you get the products from?