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Biotest Summer Challenge!

My friend and I will attempt to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle this summer. Let me introduce myself and my friend. Robert and I (Brian) are new to this forum and love it. We practically shit ourselves when we saw the price change in supplements. A price change that would result in us being able to afford the products. We like the attitude and customer satisfaction mentality that you guy’s have brought to the table and we plan to feed upon it!

My friend is known as “The Highlander- there can be only one”

I am known as “Dr. Swole.” Fun nick names for a fun time. Now let’s cut through the red ribbon and get down to business.

The testosterone biotest summer challenge.

10 pounds of lean muscle. How…? We are going to have the best nutrition we have ever had in our lives this summer. I am going to train with my trainer and relay my training down to my friend in the gym with him. We are going to take biotest supplements as well.

In addition we want to share our experience with all of you. We are posting pictures today and will post new pictures every two weeks from today to show the progress we are making. We will continue this until the end of the summer. Now the why…

I want to gain 10 pounds for football and too LOOK good! Not mutually exclusive. My friend Robert wants to gain about the same for looks and for his firefighting.

Any positive or negative feedback is welcome.

-Get Lifted


Just kidding bro :slight_smile: I wish you and your friend the best of luck. Just one thing. This magazine offers THE BEST source of training and nutrition advice I’ve ever come across since MM2K. With that in mind I’d ask your trainer if he knows about the site. If he doesn’t tell him he’d better learn/get another trainer/be you’re own trainer. BTW 10 lbs over the summer should be a peice of cake. SHIT you could hit that in 2 weeks with a nice massive eating+mag-10 combo. Any way I’m rambling, good luck.

Thank’s for the encouragement!

Let’s get nasty.

I am 21 my friend is 20.

Biotest lab rat specifications:


Present weight: 205

Height: 6’2"

Speed: 4.4

Deadlift: 435

The Highlander-

Present weight: 207

Height: 5’ 11"

Bench: 305

A song we like to listen to and you may enjoy:

*head bussa featuring lil jon by lil scrappy

The supplements we are using are:

4 Biotest Surge’s
2 Classic/Low Carb Grows
2 Power Drive’s
Pro Performance GNC Creatine monohydrate
A Can of Gatorade from Costco/Sams Club.

We mix one large scoop Gatorade, One scoop Surge, 5 grams of creatine in a Nalgene bottle filled 1 liter of water to top. I love Nalgene bottles. It holds exactly 1 liter full.

That is for Workout and post workout.

I believe we calculated the containers above to last roughly around a month.

This along with sound nutrition and animal like training will hopefully get us bigger, stronger, faster, and quicker.

Let’s get crackin. I may even post the workouts day by day if I have some extra time.

Anway, let me know what you think.
-Get Lifted

Love it.

Sound like a hell of a goal guys. DO IT and surpass it.

I gotta go with Wides training advice, you have one hell of a source here. So unless you have a quality trainer you may consider saving the cash for something more leaning toward your goals like more food, surge, or Grow. Not saying all trainers are worthless, just many are WAY behind the times.

Keep us posted, if you need any advice dont hesitate to ask. Get swolled up, eat good, as well as big, and above all enjoy. Remember diet and rest are going to be huge factors along with the training.

Also welcome to the board.

Good Luck,


You’re 6’2 200+ run a 4.4_? 40 and you’re pretty damn strong… Play any sports? Seems like you’d be a killer safety/receiver.

Good luck w/the 10lbs lbm! I’m attempting the same this summer. We ought to keep eachother informed. I’m gonna start bulking in another 4 weeks.


I’m retarded. I just read the post again and realized you already said you play football. Oh well… what position? I played WR a couple years in college. Now I’m giving baseball a try.

I was under the impression that Surge didn’t need any additional carbs (ie Gatorade powder) added to it.

Regardless, good luck!

I don’t see squat numbers.

thats one hell of a farmer’s tan

Do you really need a trainer? I assume you’re not talking about a persoanl trainer, right? Maybe an athletic trainer for football?

Anyway, good luck! Great enthusiasm!

You guys should start a web site to rival Kevin and the Mule’s!

Good luck.

I am going to be working with a personal trainer 3 times a week. The other days my friend and I are going to work out together. He knows tons more about gym training than I do, so that is why I have a trainer and not doing it by myself. He is also giving me a deal too, which is gracious of him.

Today my friend will post his pictures. LOL his tan might be easier on the eyes.

Phil- I want to work on getting a better sleep cycle because it’s summer and I have already started to fluctuate my sleep times. Sometimes I go to bed at 3am to 12 in the afternoon. Sometimes I go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7am. I want to get a good sleep pattern going.

Thanks for the photo advice for my next round of pictures. I will do that simonlechic.

Got shoulders and calves today with my friend. Going to hit them hard. Any good “speed provoking” calve workouts anyone has I would love to hear them.

I think I will post my workout today later…

-Get Lifted

jesusishitler- No squat max numbers cause I don’t know where I am at there. Did legs yesterday. Shoulders and calves today.

Leg workout yesterday:

cybex leg press-

2 plates each side(4 total)(45 pnd. each) X 50 reps warm-up
3 plates each side X 20 reps
4 plates each side X 20 reps
6 plates each side X 20 reps
8 plates each side X 15 reps

Lunges 30 pound dumb bells right after press-

4 back and forth walks about a distance of 20 yards

Leg Extensions-

setting of 8: 20 reps
10 X 20 reps
14 X 20 reps
16 X 20 reps
18 X 20 reps
20(stack) X 12 clean reps 8 reps struggling
downset after last previous rep of 14 for 10 reps while trainer shoved my legs down when I hit the top of motion.

They are very sore today.

-Get Lifted

Breakfest of Champions? No
Champions of breakfest:

Thoughts about lifting and my routine.

My pregame warm-up before I lift is listening to music in the car and in the gym if I have access to stereo equipment.

New music that pumps me up.

I think the Dali llama LOL or someone was talking about how music at the time can influence the thoughts and states of the people of the time.

Well I think to some point this is true. It def. changes the state of the way you feel.

Music that helps me lift longer and stronger when listening to it are:


lloyd Banks/G-unit- On Fire (summer theme song right now)

Head Bussa- ft lil jon and lil scrappy

Hoobastank- out of control

Lil Flip- Game over

You may enjoy these. >;)

Thoughts while in gym:

“I own this gym, I will raise eyebrows. I will hit and show everyone in the gym that they are standing still while I am getting swole.”

-While walking in the gym and up the stairs-

I envision myself entering in an arena to compete with myself, the weights, and those who think they train harder than I do.

I see it as if entering a boxing arena with music blasting and people roaring and the lights flickering while I walk into the ring to take care of business.

“Repeating: I will own this place, they will wonder what hit them in the face. They will wonder and think this fool is crazy, How can he continue!”

When no one is in the gym it is a little different.

I imagine myself as “Rockie” or someone running in the dark in the rain with no one on the street to see them. The moonlight only to light the streets. Just me and th fury of passion running til I drop in the mud. Just me and the weights and an empty gym. The sound of my heavy breaths filling the sound of silence instead of music. Sweat dripping of my skin while I simply work, work, work, till I exhaust myself to point of puking. Then while puking look up at the mirror and stare bewildered at myself in exhaust and then smile.

Taking my post workout drink of course! LOL

On the way back home I simply think while I am barely able to push the clutch in.

Listening to… lol:

Enya (many different ones)

My immortal-Evanescence

Hilary duff - come clean

Toxic- ahh yes bitney spears

and one song for when I am eating:

Chuck berry- Johnny be good

Anway, I know this stuff helps me and it may help you if your looking for an extra boost of pure power.

-Get Lifted


For what you express that you’re attempting to achieve, both your sets and reps seems on the excessive side. And if this is the advice of your trainer, you definately aren’t getting your money’s worth. You might want to take a look at Program Design 101 from issue 299.

It’s also good that you’ve identified your sleep pattern as needing some fine tuning as this will add to getting where you want to go.

Good Luck.


Thanks for this specific article. (299) I will read and implement those concepts in my training, the other day’s I don’t lift with my trainer. I would probably have done this already except for the factor of time. I would love to learn this myself and know which is the best way to achieve the program. I am very, very interested in being able to do this myself well! I only have not done this because of the time I have to get bigger, stronger, faster, quicker. I have this summer until football is in full force. I guess I am afraid that if I try to design my own plan I will waste time in the experimenting area with trial and error and not enough time pumping iron. However, from resources on this site and you helping me find them, I am nervously aware that you are likely correct about my trainers “knowledge” in exercise physiology. Or whatever it is called. I don’t even know. lol

I will accomplish comprehending the article today and figure out how I will implement it on the days I don’t train with him. I guess the only thing I may need to do this successfully, is Someone that knows… well… their shit. Otherwise, I will get bits and pieces here and there and probably not achieve my goals. At this point everyone, which includes myself, can now know that I don’t know what I am doing. I never did, I just followed what the trianers told me. “learned” what I thought was right in hopes of the assumption “they train lots of people they know what their doing.”

I don’t know, what do you think?

-Get Lifted

If that is your typical leg day, you really need to change your program up. Leg Extensions and Leg Press machines suck. Build your program around big compound movements with free weights, for legs that would be: Goodmornings, Box Squats, deadlifts, and there many variations for the upper body stick with: bench press, close grip bench, board press with boards ranging from 1-5, rack lockouts, rows of any kind, chins and pullups. Keep the reps low 1-5 and work at high intensity. If you want to add strength in the bench squat and dead and add those 10 lbs, work on the triceps, back, hamstrings, glutes, abs. Read anything by dave tate and louie simmons(elitefts.com) for the westside methods, CT and joe defrancos stuff is also very good.


I’ve been at my current gym for ~2 years. Only two of the trainers, out of a staff of ~15, have lasted that long. They are both professionals in every sense of the word. One a former successful bodybuilding competitor and the other, in his 40’s, who’s done this for quite some time.

It seems that most of the trainers are relatively young and inexperienced. And there are numerous “certification” programs that are fairly easy to obtain. Including one on-line course, where you pay the fee and take a multiple choice test in order to “qualify” for certification. How seasoned is your training coach? You may want to find out.

There is an incredible amount of collective wisdom here, including professional bodybuilders and strength trainers who train Olympic and professional athletes. Most share their knowledge openly and it is difficult to beat the price.

Read the article mentioned previously and if you don’t want to design your own at least you’ll have some information to evaluate your trainer.

Also, for application of principles take a look at CT’s The Mutation Series in Issue 310. I think this will be right up your alley - for the next 12 weeks!


I really appreciate your guy’s help. I am off to train now with my trainer. I’ll let you know what we do. Tell me what you think of it. In addition, I think that article “the mutation” may be up my street. I don’t want to sacrifice my speed. The 40 time needs to stay at a 4.4 and I actually would like it lower. If I lose the speed I am dead in water. I like the idea of mutation because it is spelled out for me. However, I want to make certain it’s not going to make me slow. I could do it with some minor questions…

Off I go to train,

Let me know what you guys think.

-Get Lifted