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Biotest Standalone Supplements


Tim mentioned in the thread on the new version of Alpha Male that Biotest would soon be releasing standalone (single-ingredient) supplements so that we could mix and match (like tribulus alone -- which is already out in the form of TRIBEX Gold, etc.). Any word, Tim or other Biotest peeps, on what other standalone supplements you'll be offering and when they'll be available?



He mentioned some in the Alpha Male thread. Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX will also remain as standalone supplements in addition to being in the stacks.


True, I know he mentioned they'd be keeping Carbolin 19. But I think (with regard to mentioning HOT-ROX) he was referring to standalone ingredients, like maybe the A7-E from HOT-ROX, maybe vitex or other herbals on their own, etc. I'm just curious if they've got anything new and surprising coming out in that regard.


Bueller? Bueller? Anyone from Biotest . . . ?