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Biotest Stacks


I'm curious what type of Biotest supplement stacks people have tried and what has worked well for them.

I'm currently looking to go into a cutting phase, but I want to keep my mass. I was thinking something like this.

Alpha Male
HOT-ROX (probably can't do both with the Carbolin 19 in them now)
Metabolic Drive


Lools like solid choices if diet and training are spot on.


I just want to add one more thing...

I always thought it would be good marketing to market certain stacks together in one packaging continer. Such as the Anabolic-X Gain and Retain series.

This would cut the guess work out of products and supplementation. You may think this is lazy, but it seems that there are a million different ways to take everything. Once you start a supplement cycle you have the "New and Improved" version out that changes your previous stacks.

Having a fat-loss, gain, and PCT stackables would be not only good for the consumer but good for company too.


I believe one of Biotest's goals is to have educated consumers. Not ones who will blindly buy a "package" of products just because it happens to somewhat meet their goals.

Also- when people see items packaged together, they expect a price cut since they are buying multiple items. I doubt that would fly.

I do agree it would be good to have some guidelines of what products work best for what application, but I guess that would involve a very intense and well thought out message board with individual product threads, product related articles, and numerous knowledgeable staff/contributors to aid in answering questions and providing suggestions. That would be a pretty big undertaking...


You could make the case that this is what they've done with the new Alpha Male and HOT-ROX, only in the same bottle.


I agree a person who undertakes any supplement program should be educated on the product/s that they take. Hence the Biotest threads, and this forum.

Though I would like to see Biotest still come out with a 1-3 month stack cycles for cutting, building muscle, maintaining, etc.

I do agree though with the new Alpha Male and HOT-ROX Extreme it does simplify things drastically.