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Biotest Stacks


Just thought it would be interesting to hear about how everyone stacks their Biotest supplements. I have never used them so I am using this as a sort-of guide. Also, how long does it usually take for supps to get restocked online?


I've worked through many different stacks.

It really depends on your goals though.

You could go with something like HOT-ROX / Alpha Male / Methoxy-7 and come out shredded

or you can go with something like Carbolin 19 / Alpha Male / Methoxy-7 and come out huge.

This is all just by changing between Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX.

I am using Alpha Male / Carbolin 19 / Methoxy-7 @ Full Dose and have been training harder than ever. My calories are up around 6,500 and I am still leaner than ever. Not even close to overtraining either.

I just started my strength work so it will be interesting to see where that takes me.


Shit dude, I read all your posts and you eat a TONNE! Just thought I'd mention that... nice work man!

Anyway, TRIBEX/ZMA for me, nothing special right now, want to look into some Methoxy-7.


When I was younger I ran a GNC and found most products to be a gimick. Have you really seen results from the two stacks you mentioned. How did you take them? I only take Low-Carb Grow!, Surge and ZMA.. I'm afraid I'd be pissing money away otherwise..


Alpha Male/ZMA/Guggulsterone

The first two to keep my test levels high, and the last one to keep the zits at bay from the high test. Kind of like throwing a grenade and then ducking to keep debris out of your face.

Im gonna give Spike a whirl here soon. I do take a multivitamin once and a while. And I'll prolly jump on the vitamin/EFA supplement bandwagon if Biotest ever puts one out.


Yes I have definitely seen results from the stack.

Outside of stuff you are concerned with my relative VO2 max jumped from 70ml/kg/min to 75 ml/kg/min.

With the first HOT-ROX stack I was able to get my race weight down to a lean 163 at 6% body fat. I also use it during fat loading weeks which preceed my carb load for a race. I can actually go extremely low-carb just for 7 of the 10 days before a race and not lose any of my strength. This is unbelievable for supercompensation in terms of glycogen storage.

The Carbolin 19 stack has been incredible too. I have significanty increased my power-to-weight ration WHILE in the middle of race tapers. This Block Island race was probably one of the best race weights I have been at. I definitely can lay good amount of credit to Carbolin 19.

Methoxy-7 I find to be great in keeping me lean. Nothing helps me recover better than being able to go out and eat 6,500 calories and know that my stack is just going to use it all to rebuild/recover.

The key to preventing overtraining (for my sport) is to avoid overtraining and mmuch of this can come from undereating due to having to drop a quick 10 lbs. With these stacks my off-season vs on-season weight stays within 5 lbs. I can actually bulk in the off season and barely reach 10% body fat. That only means that I can slowly taper down those 5 lbs without worrying about crashing out my metabolism.

I would not go out of my way to recommend something I wouldn't spend my money on and I have spent my money on this and continue to do so.


I agree 100%. I think Methoxy-7 is probably one of the most under-rated supps in the Biotest arsenal.

I am using Carbolin 19 right now in my PCT, and I have a bigger appetite now than I did when I was on my cycle, and I have actually lost BF.

Those two supps should be lethal when used together in a stack.


I think one of the best 'stacks' is Alpha Male. It's basically TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M combined. Good shit. Makes me crazy horny too!


True, but I dunno why anyone would bother taking Alpha Male without taking ZMA later as well.


I think some of the lack of a response is due to the fact that many of the people here use certain products as staples in their regime, rather than stacks. Most people, myself included, use Grow!, Surge, and ZMA on a regular bases, and then add on one or more other supplements depending upon their goal.

I'll try to outline some "stacks" (some of which I've used, others not as a "stack" but single supps). . .

Mass: Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7

Cutting: HOT-ROX and Methoxy-7

Testosterone Boosting: Alpha Male (which is really a stack in itself), or RED KAT and M. Both of these can be used for mass or cutting goals, along with the above listed.

Cognitive/Recovery: Spike and Power Drive (Spike prior to workout; Power Drive after to enhance CNS recovery).

Personally, like I said above, I always use Grow!, Surge, and ZMA and add on something that fits with my goals.

Hope this helps a little.


hello first post here just wondering
are these supplements just used for pct.

im thinking of getting some Spike or Carbolin 19 but dont take drugs so will they benefit me.

any recomendations.


Although some of these are used post cycle by steroid users, none of them were made for that. Spike actually has nothing at all to do with such things. You can read more in the store section of this site.


I believe Carbolin 19 was built with PCT in mind.

However... it has proven itself worthy of solo use.


What do you think about Spike with either of the 2 "stacks" you have listed? I dont think it would go very well with the second one, HOT-ROX for some reason, but I would like to get more info about using Spike with other sups like Carbolin 19.



Good question! You are right, and it's been advised that one not use HOT-ROX and Spike together, on the same day. I say on the same day because there have been people who have used Spike and HOT-ROX in an alternating fashion (Spike on day, HOT-ROX the next), with good results/experiences.

However, I'm not positive about anyone using Spike and Carbolin 19 together. You might want to try the same protocol as above to start out with, and then assess your tolerance and possibly move on to using them both on a daily basis.

But, I'm not positive, so hopefully Cy (or someone who's tried this) will chime in!


It's also recommended that you not use Spike and Carbolin 19 together. Both are vasodilators, so there is risk of too much causing headaches and such. The same applies to HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19 together.

With that said, there are people who have used two of those three together without problems, as long as they are sufficiently spaced out thru the day. For example, I am currently taking two HOT-ROX when I wake, two Carbolin 19 at lunch, and two more Carbolin 19 later in the day.

But the success with something like this is very highly dependent on each individual and their tolerance for such things. And Cy doesn't recommend it. He would prefer that you pick only one of the three. He's a smart guy, so he's worth listening to.

You can stack Alpha Male and/or Methoxy-7 with any of those three without problems.


I should also add that you should pick your goal. If you're trying to cut, you should avoid Carbolin 19. Most people report an increased appetite while using Carbolin 19. You're not going to cut well if you're eating everything in the house.

If you're bulking, you probably want to minimize HOT-ROX since it may make you feel hungry less often than otherwise.

I'm in more of a maintenance mode at the moment, with summer in full swing, which is why I'm doing this mix. In a few weeks when I start a bulking cycle, I will drop the HOT-ROX.


I have some very much unwanted fat in my upper body that Im trying to get rid of. Turning it into bulk/muscle is fine by me. The actual poundage that Im at might be a little hi for my height ( 5'-8" 190ish lbs ) but if I was at that with muscle Id be huge. Of course Im working toward getting rid of that gut but in which way should I go about it? I've been leaning toward the HOT-ROX / Methoxy-7 to start off with. Then switch to Carbolin 19 when I've gotten rid of the fat to add more muscle. For what Spike does for you I would like to use it when I go off the HOT-ROX. What do you guys think?


You realize fat cannot turn into muscle, right? I assume you meant figuratively, and not literally.

I think you have the right idea re: HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19. John Berardi made the case for losing the fat first since you'll get better response, but ultimately I think it's highly individualized.

Regardless of which direction you choose, however, keep in mind that it takes the body a couple weeks to switch completely between cutting and bulking. So, I would recommend a minimum of one month in each phase. You might want to go longer in the bulking phase, but once again, that's up to you.


You consume 6,500 calories a day! that is alot, I have a hard time consuming over 4000 calories a day.
What's your measurements(height,weight,BF%)