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Biotest 'Stacks' Article Wanted!

Biotest should post another “stack” article. They basically promo their stacks with every supplement- but all the information is all over the place. I remember an article from the mid sometime around 2006 or so when they listed multiple “stacks” for different training goals/age groups etc. Always a fun read.

Been a long time customer- havent hopped into the newer stuff yet- but take serious consideration of Plazma, MAG-10, Indigo.

Long time user of FINiBAR, Flameout, Metabolic Drive (will still say its my favorite protein out there), z12, Surge Recovery (I miss the fruit punch type flavor and now its biscotti? haha It’s actually grown on me but the biscotti flavor was a killer during a v-diet.).

Currently only using Metabolic Drive, Flameout, and Superfood sporadically.