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Biotest Stacking Help

Guys, need your expertise. I am currently using Hotrox, indigo 3G, Metabolic drive protein, curcumin and was considering adding Alpha Male, to the pool. I exercise after dinner at night, end goal weight loss, build muscle, but the weight loss must come first as I still have around 50 lbs of fat to ditch. I am a 46yr old male with a desk job. Trying to figure out how to dose this throughout the day.

This thread is more appropriate for the Biotest Supplement Advice forum, where you can get more specific advice.

In a nutshell, follow the label directions on everything, but hold off on the Hot-Rox until you see more fat loss so it can kickstart things when progress slows. Also, get some workout nutrition like Surge Workout Fuel or Plazma into the plan ASAP. Those are base level supps that should be added before Hot-Rox.