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Biotest Stack With MAG-10


Now that M has been discontinued, what supplement would be recommended to stack with MAG-10? Is Alpha Male alone would be ok during the off-weeks of the cycle?


I'd try to get some clomid personally.

I haven't tried Alpha Male or RED KAT, so I don't know if that would help or not. TRIBEX might. MAG-10 is pretty strong stuff, so it's best if you've got something lined up to recover.



Yea...I've been wondering the same thing. I think TC said they were creating a new formulation, but who knows when it will be out.

I still have over a case of the stuff and only one bottle of M left.


In the past, I believe Alpha Male has always been considered sufficient to use post-cycle. You don't actually stack anything with MAG-10, unless it's FOOD. Alpha Male includes the active ingredient from M.


A fertility drug? What would that do for you?


Are you really that uneducated with AAS? MAG-10 is a prohormone and a strong one at that...and a prohormone is a steroid whether you'd like to hear it or not. Compared to "real" steroids though...andro products are considered relatively weak...which isnt to say they dont work (from what i hear they do). That being said...i wouldnt say its HORRIBLE to use Alpha Male or some other pro testosterone formulation as PCT for MAG-10...but its not the best option for PCT.

Sure majority will get away with doing this because as i stated before, andro supps including MAG-10 are rlatively weak compared to "real" steroids. The point still remains that it does have an effect on suppressing test level, just as "real" steroids, and what do most people use as PCT for "real" steroids? CLOMID!!! and also nolvadex...but nolvadex is more for preventing/reducing gyno and clomid is supposedly better for bringing T levels back to normal.

That being said...if its you cant find clomids and/or nolvadex because of various reasons (i.e. money, scarcity..whatever)then id suffice to say that a pro test formula should do for PCT...preferably Alpha Male.


by the way, I also have 2 bottles of Carbolin 19 so any input on how I should stack them with MAG-10 and Alpha Male in order to maximize results...that would be appreciated.



Use the Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male after your cycle. DO get some nolvadex for PCT. MAG-10 is supressive, no doubt about it.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Please correct me if I'm wrong but from what I read : MAG-10 has to be cycled : 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off (while you have to take Alpha Male during this time) I guess I could add Carbolin 19 during those weeks off or totally after the end of the cycle?

Also, I think Cy stated that using clomid or nolvadex PCT for MAG-10 was like trying to kill a bee with a shotgun...

Again, thanks for your input.


I wouldn't cycle it 2 on/2 off.

And when we're talking permanent body chemistry changes if you mess it up, hand me a damn bazooka to kill that bee.

I'd rather be SURE I'm safe than half assing it.


Could you please explain to me why you say that you wouldn't cycle it 2 weeks on 2 off? (which is what was recommended on the old MAG-10 thread) Also, why taking Alpha Male only during off weeks of a MAG-10 cycle is now not considered enough for recovery?