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Biotest Sponsored Athletes

I know Stan McQuay and Jelena Abbou are sponsored by Biotest, but does anyone know what other athletes/bodybuilders/figure competitors are sponsored by Biotest?

GSP was a while back, I’m not sure if he still is.


David Barr wrote:

The 14/11 Powerful Image features George St. Pierre brutalizing some poor bastard, and the caption reads “Sponsored by Spike.”

Does that mean George is part of the Biotest team? If so, did I miss a memo, because that seems like pretty huge news!

Absolutely! Georges is on board. Spike is his exclusive sponsor. He’s an incredible athlete, with devastating and inexhaustible standup and ground skills. And, he’s a very nice and honorable guy.

Is there anyone else lined up for sponsorship at the moment?

We are also the exclusive sponsors of the number one, track-bike racing team in the US. Hopefully, several of our guys will go to the Olympics.

Tim Patterson wrote the replies here.

Isn’t Gina Allioti a Biotest girl?

I know a while back GSP came out covered in “Spike” stuff on his Gi and shorts…but now I don’t see it.

He’s still top notch.

You would think Biotest would promote these sponsorships more. I know the big bang for the buck is the logo placement, especially on televised athletes, but T-Nation has a big readership, and I’m sure many of us would support the Biotest-sponsored athletes.