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Biotest/Spike at Wal-Mart


Had to run in and grab a few things this evening at the local Wal-Mart and was pleasently suprised to see not only Fahrenheit on the shelves but HOT-ROX and Spike!!!

Paid $17.88 +tax for 28 Spikes plus a nifty "Spike Bullet" was free with the box. Cool free toy, TC. :slightly_smiling:

Seriously, glad to see Biotest is expanding out. If Spike has been in Wal-Mart for a while, I apolgize for spreading old news.


How much was the HOT-ROX?


I'm pretty sure that stuff is "lower strength". But I could be wrong.


What's the mg per cap of Spike?


Good question above about wal-mart Spike dosing. Is it normally dosed or under dosed for wal-mart?


My guess is lower mg per cap since it's cheaper per cap compare to buying it here on T-Nation.


I was at GNC today and they were selling 50 tablet bottles of Spike for $34.99 and the pills were 400 mg each same as what is sold here.

Looked to be full strength to me.


For sure the HOT-ROX is NOT what is sold here. The HOT-ROX at walmart has 950mg active compound v. 1500 sold here. The Fahrenheit I am not sure about nor the Spike.

Just bought 2 bottles of Fahrenheit tonight for my girlfriend though, funny how this thread got started the same day.

I spread out the merch and made all the labels face forward when I was there...helping the community out.


The Spike from Wal-Mart is same stength as the on-line store, same product info label, etc. Biggest difference was instead of a bottle the pills are in blister packs like cold pills.


They could sell Biotest in Walmart over here, albeit Asda Wal-Mart. Instead they sell Maximuscle. Shit.


Take a picture and post it!

Well, I guess I'll have to buy my Spike from Walmart from now on, if it's that much cheaper.


There are fewer pills, that's why it's cheaper. Still it's nice to see accessability is increasing. Buying over the web and waiting is not my favorite thing to do.


The Wal-Mart version has fewer tablets (28) than the bottle we sell here at T-Nation (50).


Anyone know if this is an American-only Walmart deal?




Do you guys also sell Metabollic Drive and Surge at walmart?



(In case TC doesn't get back to this thread...)
I'd put money on the answer being "No."

Funny how the introduction of Biotest Creatine created a thread with everyone talking about how now they can order ALL their supps online from one source, and support a great site, while over here there's a rush to WalMart because the assumption is that it will be a better deal than what Biotest offers us here.

Read the labels, people! Stick with T-Nation!


Membership has it's privleges.


Being in Canada doesn't.


I got my first Spike at GNC to give it a try. Liked so much I'm placing an order next payday for other products to give a new training regimen a try.


The Spike sold at Wal-Mart is the exact same product as is sold at T-Nation. As TC stated it is 28 capsules per bottle, resulting in a reduced price.

Classic Grow!, Metabolic Drive, and Biotest Surge are not sold at Wal-Mart.