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Biotest Shipping to France?

I have a couple questions to ask to the Biotest team or to Biotest French customers.

Does anyone know of Biotest supplements that might not be legal in France?

French legislation can be a little more shy than American legislation on supplements. As an exampel creatine was forbidden until not so long ago. Another example : Red Bull is forbidden in France.

Especially, does anyone know if Flameout is legal in France? (I think it is)

The only products I have bought in the past were books (TC’s and Chad’s).

Second question : what about custom taxes for non European Union products shipped to France? Is there any declaration to make by the customer or does Biotest make the job and include taxes in the final price?


Living in Denmark at the moment, so maybe I can offer some input. Flameout should definitely be legal - its fatty acids. As for the rest, you can try contacting your medical council and asking them - point them to the ingredients list on the store.

As far as I know, all EU countries pay custom tax on products shipped from the US. This makes a lot of (excellent) Biotest products really expensive for a LOT of people. If only Biotest would open a factory in the EU…

Of course, that would be a pretty major move for them, so I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.