Biotest Shipments Ontario, Canada

Dear fellow Canadians,

As a consumer it makes my heart rejoice to see the Loonie soar, hence I’d like to take advantage of the recent savings opportunities by buying from the Biotest store.

I’m interested in ordering the following:

Metabolic Drive
Surge Recovery

Any troubles with customs?
How much for Duties and Taxes?
What did the shipping cost? How long to ship?

Advice on the above, especially from Ontarians would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Hey TKO. I have ordered all of the above, with the exception of HOT-ROX Extreme. Never had any trouble with customs (my order was checked once - they couldn’t be bothered with Spike).

You are smart to order from the site. The average price for Surge here that I’ve found is about $75. I can’t really comment on what your duty/taxes will be because my order was different than yours but if you have it delivered Fed Ex, you won’t get nailed with that extra fee at your doorstep and you’ll get it in probably 2 or 3 days as opposed to about a week.

Good luck and awesome products. Surge and Micronized German Creatine are my fav’s. Even the sales guy at the local GNC thinks it’s the best stack.


Depending on how much you buy, plan on about $15.00 tacked on when it gets to your door. More (about $10.00 more at least for me the one time) if you use Fedex. Plus Fedex starts out more expensive.

Shipping times are about what they estimate on here.

And yes, HRX comes through no problem. The only thing on your list I haven’t ordered is creatine, but that’s no problem.

Nice to see our $ this high. If it stays like this, I’ll be a “level 5” in no time. :slight_smile:

Hey, why does it show me as level 0??

I just received an order this past Wednesday ( Sept 26).

I ordered:
4 Metabolic Drive
2 Surge

I was thinking that the HOT-ROX would get confiscated and was ready to write it of as a test shipment experience , but it came through no problem.

The order was shipped via USPS. It takes longer, but the duty is better than FedEx, at least in my experience.

Shipping costs were $59. Not sure about the taxes when the parcel arrived as my wife signed for it. Usually it is 15%.

hey Everyone,
i too wish to make a purchase from the Biotest store to toronto but am worried about extraneous costs.

would it be possible for any of you to put how much the online store calculated for your purchases and what you had to finally pay for it?

thanks in advance!

I ordered 10 bottles of Surge a couple months ago before the dollar began to rise. Had them shipped through Fedex, with everything it cost $47 a bottle. Thats far cheaper than from any Canadian site.