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Biotest Rules?


i want to know why Biotest products are suppose to be so damn good. why should i invest my money into Biotest? i could just buy some t3 or clen. my question is why should i not and go with Biotest products instead? obviously there is $$ but is there anything else?

like the protein i understand that was probably one of the best damn articles i have ever read but how do i know they arent doing the same thing all the other companies are? now im not trying to put Biotest down in any way. i know there are a lot of people on this site that are in love with their Biotest products and i want to know what makes them so damn lovable. please and thank you.

  1. Because the supplements are cutting edge and reflect the best science we have to date.
  2. Because the supplements are affordable.
  3. Because the supplements allow this website to continue to exist.


Biotest supps are actually GOOD for you as opposed to t3 and clen.

If you think you can achieve you goals with the help of scary compounds like t3 and clen (scary when used in an ignorant fashion such as depending on them instead of smart eating and hard training)and continue to eat for failure - more power to you.

I smell a troll, but nonetheless - ask around. Even folks that hate T-Nation, and T-Nation members will tell you that Metabolic Drive is the best protein powder out there. I know - I've asked them.

I find it particularly lazy of you to think that the decision is between quality supps and chemicals.


You don't "know" it by just coming to the site for the first time. If you've been at this for any length of time, and you've tried different supplements without "knowing" they were good for you, you need to give Biotest the same shot.

Obviously, the testimonials from others on this site don't mean anything to you. So try and then decide for yourself.


t3 and clen?

Arent you like 18 years old?


T3 or clen? Are you kidding me?

You should be buying Biotest supplements for the sole reason that you claim the article on protein powder was "the best damn article you've ever read."


For me, it's because Grow! is the only protein that actually tastes good to me, other than chocolate muscle milk.

Spike is the only stimulant that I have ever felt "worked".

ZMA is about the cheapest supplement of that type on the market, and it works well too.

The Metabolic Drive bars are like candy and don't have any soy protein in them.

Carbolin 19 is the god damn shit!


What exactly IS Carbolin 19?


From reading your profile it looks like you just need to workout more and take supplements with a good diet.

Stay away from T-3 and clen. They can mess you up, especially T-3.



have you tried amphetamines for a stimulant? ive made my decision. once i am able to get another $30 im going to buy Metabolic Drive and Spike. ive already wasted tons of cash on PH's and AAS's and not to mention PCT'S which i havent even taken yet. i might as well buy some Biotest products to help me out and this site.


Yeah, he's an 18-year-old who's been asking nothing but questions regarding steroids, PCT, and whether or not it would be easier to get liposuction or, y'know: work out.




wow i didnt know that lipo issue would become a big deal. im an idiot for forgetting this is a bodybuilding site. i am soo sorry that i dont know as much as you and have to ask questions about AAS and PCT.


Hey Pankie,

If you click on the T-Nation store, for every supplement listed, there's a more info link that will tell you everything you need to know about any Biotest supplement you may be curious about. Latah.


Well, when you're so eager to jump into steroids or lipo instead of cleaning up your diet and training it does come across as idiotic; especially if you're only 18.