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Biotest Resellers

My mailroom no longer accepts packages, so I need another means of getting my supplements. Does anyone know of any place that sells biotest products in the D.C./Arlington area?

i was just going to ask this question-what about anywhere near college park, md??

Why doesn’t your mailroom except packages? To solve your problem just rent a mailbox at a place such as Mailboxes Etc.

Biotest customer service could probably tell you where a retailer is in your area.

Try the vitaminshoppe.

I was told that is was their policy now, I think Because of security reasons.
Where’s the Vitaminshoppe?

Uh, pardon for making an assumption, but you have a home right? Probally one with an address too? Have your stuff sent to your home. Works well apparently.

Bailey’s Crossroads, 5524 Leesburg Pike. 703-671-2445

Vitamins and More in Herndon, Va.
Fair prices and a full line of Biotest products.
The owners name is Arif. He can hook you up if you’re willing to drive out that way.

Thanks for the leads. I don’t suppose anyone knows of any place a little nearer?

Anyone know place in San Antonio, TX that carries BioTest Products?

Call or write to Biotest customer service and they can probably tell you guys where to find the stuff in your area. 800-525-1940

Kieth I am origionaly from herndon - do you live there? where do you train? When I am home I go to the Golds in that shopping center. And yes that Vitamins and More has great deals.

I know Herdon is near Dulles, But what’s the address for Vitamins and More.

I am not in the area right now so I cant get you the exact address but if you can find herndon parkway - then get off on elden street and it is in the shopping center w/ a Golds and K-mart across from a hotel which I believe is a holiday in or best western.

If you look up the Golds gym in Herndon address,the vitamins and more store is 5 stores down from it in the same plaza. You can’t miss it. Again, the owners name is Arif and he will give you a fair price on anything in there. Good luck. I’ll find out the phone # if you need it.

Here’s all you need:
Vitamins and More
472 Elden St.
Herndon, Va 20170
Hope that helps you out!