Biotest Protein - No Whey


I’m after a Biotest protein powered that I can get in the uk - that is not whey based. I’ve tried whey and it gives me bad belly (insufferably bad).

Sounds like you might have just ended up with a cheap protein. Have you tried whey from different brands?

With that said, Metabolic Drive does contain whey. However, it is very well tolerated by all, including people who are lactose intolerant.

Biotest does also ship worldwide through the online store.

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I’ve never bought any biotest product, but I can attest to the fact that as with most things, quality matters, and whey is no exception. Cheap whey is essentially a laxative for me, and high quality stuff like ON whey tastes just like chocolate milk and has no negative effects on me.

If you bought top quality whey and it did that to you, by all means look for an alternative (pea protein is supposedly very good), but if you feel like you might have bought generic cheap powder, it might be worth trying some higher quality stuff.

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Sorry forgot to answer to @Mod_Phoenix. I gave issue with ALL milk products. Cheese milk the works. But thanks.

If Biotest don’t have any non whey shakes I’ll just get some beef based stuff a shop locally stocks.
Just try to support the brand.

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