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Hi guys, I’d like to know what is the difference between Nandrosol and Androsol???

Try reading the descriptions of them on the website.

Androsol uses 4-AD, while Nandrosol uses nor-4-AD. The structural difference is that a particular “methyl” group is present on the 4-AD but not on the nor-4-AD.

4-AD has CNS and libido stimulating effects whereas there is no perceptible effect with nor-4-AD… same as not taking anything. Some prefer Nandrosol precisely because of the lack of CNS effects if they were bothered by Androsol making it harder for them to sleep (unusual for that to be serious but common for it to be a little noticeable.) Also, 4-AD can promote acne while being used and for a couple of weeks after use, whereas nor-4-AD has little or no such effect.

So far as mass gains go, it’s arguable which is better. Some do have a preference for one over the other but it’s not consistent which is preferred, and many find them about the same for effectiveness.

Hey Bill, do you guys plan on coming out with an oral version of nor-4-AD? THAT would be the shit! Ooooooooooooooooooh!!!

It’s something that would be done if Biotest
thought it would do well.

Well, what’s the over-under so far on Biotest thinking it would do well?

Bill, what do you think may be the physiological effect of a Nor-A1E compound?

Those sorts of decisions aren’t what I do. But my impression is it will probably depend on how well 4-AD-EC does. If 4-AD-EC is a big seller then it would stand to reason that even if a nor-4-AD-EC product sold only a quarter or whatever as much, then it would be worth doing.

Ken, I don’t have any reason to expect there would be an advantage. There are no issues on having a differential effect on metabolism by 5AR (since there is no such metabolism for the 1-ene compounds) or on aromatization (for the same reason). I don’t have a value for the potency, though the same compound but with a 1-methyl added (in other words, they are to each other as Primobolan is to androst-1-ene) is very low in potency if it has any effect at all.

It could be done however.