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Biotest products stacked with....

I was wondering if any of you guys have tried stacking say Nandrol/androsol with any legit anabolic and if so, was it good for you? Would if be possible to combine say powdered d.bol with Androsol and use topically? What about using Nandro/androsol as per instructions stacked with an injectable? I’d be grateful for any suggestions. I am a moderate to light steroid user, mainly utilising short cycles. My problem is I lose 80% of my weight gain almost as soon as I clean up…and not becuase I try and get ripped or use anadrol 50 either.

I’m no expert on this subject but from reading posts of Bill Robert’s I have some ideas. First off, yes you could dissolve the d-bol powder in the androsol and use topically. However, you’re probably only going to absorb about 30%. Why not just use the d-bol orally, and use the androsol as recommended?

Why would you want to stack androsol and dbol? Trenbelone, nandrolone, primo or even testosterone would be much better choices. I’ve tried finasol (trenbelone acetate and androsol) and can tell you for sure that it works.