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Biotest Products Most Looking Forward to

Hey guys. Just wondering which upcoming Biotest product you’re most excited about, and why? Euphoria, N17-E, Surge, T2 etc.

I wish they’d release the N17-E already! Why? They claim it will work as good as pure nortestosterone.

i definitly wanna see the spot fat remover and bills new prohormone im stoked as hell about sure though also.

I’m very interested in N-17E, T-17E, and Euphoria. I’d like to try T2, but I’ll wait until next Summer to do so.

T2, should be here soon. I cant wait. GOD I wanna get ripped, this stuff better help b/c i’m short on money now but still bought 3 bottles. I cant wait though, if its anything like the hype is saying, it should be great.

I am highly interested in Biotest Surge and one of the 17E hormones. Surge will hopefully be everything Tim and John have said. Which could bring my recovery and gains to a new level. And I don’t mind buying a supplement that also serves a nutritional purpose. It only makes it more convenient to get in the calories and quality protein I need each day. As for the new 17E prohormones, I like the idea of being able to take a capsule rather than spraying it on like Andro and Nandro. And I wasn’t that impressed with Nandrosol. The Androsol helped me gain about six pounds, but I didn’t get the “feeling” that Tim and the other T-maggers so often get on these supplements. I want something that I can see and feel. Hopefully the new prohormones will do that.

I can’t wait for the new Biotest BBQ sauce that Brock mentioned, sounds tasty!

I just pre-ordered Biotest Surge and T2, but what I’m reeally waiting on is N17-E. Because I’m “married with children” I won’t do 'roids but I have added 10 pounds BW and upped my lifts 15-20% using Grow and Nandrosol. Nandrolone would be my anabolic of choice so N17-E will have to do! C’mon Biotest! Give us what we want!

Personally, I am really looking forward to Alphasol and T2(guess you can tell I’m a lardass). After that I’ll probably be giddy about T-17E, Euphoria and Biotst Surge. I need Euphoria b/c school just gives me levels of stress that are unbearable sometimes, but if I can’t study on it then I’ll only use it sparingly. I want T-17E b/c I too didn’t get the ‘feeling’ everyone talked about and hopefully this will really do the job in the muscle and strength departments. Same goes for Surge.

I don’t know what happened with Alphasol, the spot fat remover, but it seems to me like, if it worked, it would be one of the most popular supplements in years. I’m pretty lean now, but I’d be all over that if it came out. Anyone have any news on this product? Bill, Brock, Tim, etc. ?

i just turned 17 and im taking androsol… they said it would be safe for me to take that but would N17-E still be safe to stack with it? or am i pushing the limits?

Im ready for the Euphoria to come out. Id love to konk out and be dead to the world for a few hours. I want the new Methoxy to come out. I cant use a lot of the supplements because of price (college student)and decreasing the amount to use would help out tremendously.

I’m looking forward most to T2, then to the T and T17’s. Euphoria doesn’t interest me that much.Biotest Surge sounds like it might be good, but I want to hear what you guys say about it first–I was a little skeptical, and asked Tim for more data and support of the product, but didn’t get a reply. I’m eager for it to work, but I want to hear buyer testimonials first. I pre-ordered my T2, and the phone attendant said he expected it in supply within 7-10 days, and that was last week.

The 17E prohormones are at the top of my list. I don’t know about the rest of you but Androsol gives me bad insomnia Euphoria sounds like it could really help that. I preordered Surge its a good value especially if you avg. 12-16 work outs per month.

I’m looking forward to the new Methoxy product. Methoxy-7 has given me the best gains of any supplement, ever, so if there’s an even more effective version… Androsol didn’t do anything for me, but I gained about four pounds with Nandrosol. So N17-E is next on my list. I also like the idea of capsules as opposed to spraying. As for Alphasol, didn’t TC or someone say that it didn’t work out like Biotest was hoping? I think that’s one product that they’ve more or less given up on for the moment.

I to remember hearing(it was Bill I believe) say that the fat removing substance that killed fat cells was a no go. He said the delivery system couldn’t like get the stuff through all over or something, and thus it would leave you looking blotchy?
I might be wrong about that…
I wanna know, will Surge give us that surge that the test guys talked about back when they first came up with the idea(the issue with Berardi’s post workout recovery puzzle articles).
Do you have to measure it so we get 0.8g/kg body weight in carbs and 04 in protein?

i have the same question about surge… cuz it looks like its hard to determine considering the nutritional facts that it labels

I’m REALLY looking forward to Euphoria. I usually work 70+ hours a week on school work alone. I need something for my nerves really bad.
A word of advice for Biotest; please don’t name it Euphoria. Why? Because every damn Raver and Ecstacy freak will be poping it left and right. So why is that bad? I can just see some dumbass mixing it with some other substance and having to go to the hospital. Look what happened to GBL when people started mixing it with other stuff. I say, you give it a name that will market it as a stress releiver and NOT as a “get high” product.

Strawberry flavored Grow!..when, when, WHEN???

There were some questions about Biotest Surge…

First, Im sorry to say that the data that Ive been finishing up in the lab will be delayed a bit. The reason is that our -180degree freezer broke down in the middle of the study and this is where I need to store my blood samples!!! This freezer was new this summer and supposed to be state of the art!!!This means that I had to put data collection and analysis on hold. I didnt lose any blood samples though. I think the freezer should be up and running next week or the week after. Damn technology!

Second, the bottles of Surge will contain instructions for body weight dosing based on scoop #'s for different body weight ranges. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to use appropriate dosing.