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Biotest Products in the UK???

I know I’ve seen this posted somewhere before but where can I get Biotest products from in the UK? If I get them sent from the US we have to pay so much in a delivery charge and then a tax that it works out quite expensive!! Does the 3 for 2 offer include the UK? Cheers guys

The best place to get Biotest products from is probably WorkoutWorld.uk.com. They even have a discount structure, not that I should know, lol! Full range of products available. The new Advanced Protein tastes great.

Many thanks for the info. I have checked out the site and they are cheaper than I had anticipated.

Just to point out that Scott’s amusement was because he works for Workout World’s London store! I completely agree with him though - I use WOW myself all the time and he and Doug are great guys. They originally started stocking Biotest a couple of years back because I asked them to so I think that they’re great and their prices are indeed excellent, particularly if you buy a lot at once.

Just to add my recommendation, I too shop at WorkoutWorld and have found the guys there to be very knowledgeable and helpful.
Also, you get 20% off if you get their discount card, which I think goes up to 25% for orders over £250.

I would try to cyberflex. fast delivery… and reasonable prices