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Biotest products in NY

I’m gonna be flying over to New York for a week in July and while I’m there I want to stock up on Biotest products because they’re dead expensive (comparitively)over here in the UK because we don’t get the 2 for 1 offer.

Anyway, I’ll be in Albany (wherever that is) for most of the time but I’m gonna go to NY City for a couple of days. Does anyone know where I can get some Biotest products when I’m out there? And do retailers do the 2 for 1 offers? Cheers. Simon.

I’m sure our readers can help you out, but if not you can call 1-800-525-1940 when you arrive in the States and they should be able to give you some info. I don’t think many retailers offer the “buy 2 get 1 free” deal, though.

Albany is about 3 1/2 hours north of New York City. Not a bad train ride…

Why don’t you order your products the minute you get to your hotel and have them shipped there? I believe Biotest will ship overnight or two-day, and then you’ll get them in plenty of time. If you tell them your situation they will do everything they can for you, I have honestly never experienced better customer service than they have!

Tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve seen any GNC’s or other retailers sell Biotest for some reason. What I’d do is order from netrition or dpsnutrition to your hotel. Check out the netrition website because I think they may be located in albany. They’ll have the Biotest products for great prices.

Thanks everyone, I’ll try netrition and see if they are in Albany - and then order them from Biotest if that’s no good. I didn’t realise Biotest shipped so quickly!!!

I know that Nutri-Sport (similar to GNC)carries Biotest but I don’t know if they have locations in NY! - Matt

brooklyn mike where in brooklyn do u live cause i live in brooklyn to and there is a place that sells biotest

nutrisport does stock biotest (we are in no way similar to GNC, we actually know what we are talking about when we sell supplements) there are no stores in NY though.

I really doubt you can beat buy 2 get 1 free. Just order straight from Biotest…they’ll take care of you!

And incidently, if there are T-men in Belgium, I’ll be heading there in June for a rugby tournament and I’d be happy to bring you anything you need!

Paul - I didn’t mean you were similar to GNC like that! I wanted to say its a store like GNC only much, much better! But I assumed that it would get edited! I helped by buddy start 3 Nutri-Sport stores here in Iowa! - Matt

Believe it or not the Musclemag store in Westbury N.Y. carries the biotest line. Call information when you get to nyc and call the store for directions. It’s about 20 min. away by car.

I usually buy my Biotest products from a Max Muscle store. I’m sure they have a store in NY. Hope this helps.

Nah, man if you are going to be in Albany, go to a place called Colonie Sports Supplements. The prices on Biotest and other supplements can’t be beat, even online with the 2 for 1. It’s on the corner of Western and Quail Street, and the owner, John, is a really good guy. No, I don’t work there, but that’s where I bought my first container of GROW.

Nutripeak has 2 stores in Manhattan. 237 West 15th St and 30 East 18 St. They carry the Biotest line (except Power Drive and new additions). There prices are pretty good - almost like 3 for 2. Good luck!

hey rafael, i live right near western and quail. - i go to suny albany where u at?? I have to check out Colonie Sports Supplements than if u say they are cheaper then the buy 2 get 1 free from biotest

Andrew and rafael, I live right outside Albany (latham)… What are the prices like on supplements there??

another andrew-i always bought off the internet but according to rafael colonie sports suplements is cheaper.-iv never been there but i’m going to check it out when i’m downtown sometime and not at a bar

i live in the great city of Albany, and i do most of my lifting at a powerlifting gym called Cutting Edge. If you spend all the time at the albany bars, then you’re in luck. The supplement place is next to the Lamp Post. I’ll be at the store tomorrow for my weekly protein powder fix, and i’ll post the prices on biotest stuff. Remember, no shipping.

Wow! I don’t check the board over the weekend and then I find there are all these great posts.

Rafael: I’ll definitely check out Colonie when I’m in Albany.

Also, I’m coming over to take the NY bar exams
so I’ll need to find a place to train when I’m not cramming for the exams. Are there any gyms in Albany that I can just turn up at and pay on the door? Or will I have to become a member, enroll, have a health check, get shown round the equipment(!!!) etc etc before they let me set foot anywhere? I imagine that since you Americans are quite litigious the gym owners want to limit their liability should you crush yourself under a squat bar. Thanks again for the help guys (and gal!).

if your in brooklyn you can go to family health food center 1710 86th st… they have biotest stuff… md6, methoxy,tribex etc etc… and they should be getting the new stuff when its available as well… hope this helps…