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Biotest Products in Melbourne, Aus

Gday guys,I’m traveling to Melbourne shortly and wanted to know is there anywhere in the CDB area that stocks Biotest products,primarily ZMA and Flameout. I’m sure most here would suggest ordering online for such things, however I’m spending a long weekend (for me anyway) in Melbourne and killing 2 birds with 1 stone sounds more fun.

So Aussies is there anywhere there?


hey mate I’ve sadly never seen Biotest on sale in Melbourne. Might have to do the online thing or just settle for another product.

hey buddy, i don’t know of any shops that sell Biotest products in the cbd. but if you go to a shop called HEALTH 4 U at 320 Chapel Street Prahran, 3181 owned by an indian dude. you will find everything you could possibly want including all the Biotest products. The last time i’ve been there would’ve been 6 months ago so you might want to call him and check his number is 9529 1901.

Otherwise if you go to chadstone shopping centre which is a 20 minute drive from the cbd the vitamin me shop there have most of the Biotest products and i’m positive they have the zma and Flameout.


These guys stock it online and the above link is store locations etc. There are 2 in the CBD. You might want to call them before hand to make sure they have what you want in stock.

Their online price is cheap so I could imagine the store price would be to.

[quote]un33q wrote:
HEALTH 4 U at 320 Chapel Street Prahran, 3181 .[/quote]

^ un33q has arm-barred the correct ^

Garys in Prahran is the cheapest supp shop in Melbs. Its so disgracefully unorganised i have no doubt he has pro-hormones on his shelf but its definately worth a trip.

That guy in Prahran always seems unbalanced to me, like he’s been up for 5 days trying to figure out a way to organise his store.

I might just have to go down there and check it out, could be amusing.

Hes good for a laugh - ive seen him a sell a newb a casein based night protein with valerian in it as a hydrolyzed PWO protein.

Blind leading the blind.

Moral of the story is know what you want before going in there & never ask for advice.

I went to Gary’s about a week ago and enquired about Biotest products. He told me that he does not stock any. But then again, I would be suprised if he could identify his left hand from his right.

On a positive note, he’s probably the cheapest retail outlet in Melb. IMO GNC is a bloody ripp-off!

BTW I tried to buy Flameout from Gary’s and he tried to sell me Nature’s Own Fish Oil.

I’ve never been to Gary;s but I’m thinkin of heading down there on Friday. Vitamin ME also sells Biotest stuff, but regardless, it’s cheaper to order it online.

Re gnc - more expensive, but generally the staff know what they’re talking about. More so than gary, anyway. Good for non-bodybuilding things too. Naturopaths on staff can be very helpful.

can someone pm the addy’s too these stores? im after some more stuff(good pay coming, and i wanna stock up) sadly most times when i ask for Biotest i get a huh? and they direct me to bsn, anyone around the doncaster area its worth checking out the health food shop at the pines, the guy that owns the shop really knows his stuff, and even though there not always the cheapest i go back because he knows what he is talking about

Garys is 320 Chapel street & he definately has Biotest, he just doesnt know it.

Just look behind the counter & point to what you want.

I found a place when I was staying there for 5 weeks, I bought some Metabolic Drive from there. Not quite sure what else they had. They were also charging a very large amount of money for the protein! I think it was 70 AU.

Can’t believe I remember this, but I think it was on either Elizabeth or Bourke street, near the fitness first. That was the only half decent gym I could find near bye when I was there. It was some sort of GNC type store, don’t remember the name. Melbourne is a great city

Fellow Aussies…
What up.

Yeah, I was going to suggest the shop on chapel as well. Best option closest to the CBD.

Didn’t think GNC sold Biotest…but maybe that store did??


Thanks for all the replies guys. Looks like I left my run too late to check out the locations lol. I was left scrambling on my last night with about an hour before anything closed :P.
So online it looks like :smiley:

[quote]actionjeff wrote:
They were also charging a very large amount of money for the protein! I think it was 70 AU.

You got a bargain - i was paying more on a nutrionist account who ran a supp store

Just went past Gary’s at lunch today and got some Flameout. Huurraaah! He doesn’t stock HOT-ROX though…