Biotest products in Detroit

I will be travelling to Detroit (from Canada) in a couple of weeks (just the other side of the Canadian/US border and was wondering if anybody could recommend places very close to the border that sell Biotest products.


Do not know of anyplaces extremely close to the border but The Vitamin Outlet chain in the suburbs usually has a good selection. Closet one would be in Ferndale, MI. Short drive from tunnel/bridge. Go to their website, for their exact location. Hope this helps.

yeah what he said, but they’re always pretty expensive there. But if you’re from Canada then you probably can’t get some of the stuff mailed so it’d be worth it.

This also may be further from the border than you like, but it is probably the best Biotest outlet in Michigan, and I can virtually guarantee that the prices are the lowest. In fact, I once printed out Biotest prices from eleven different websites, and they beat them. And hey, the guy who normally works there IS Canadian and drives over the border to go home.

It’s called “Edge Nutrition,” and it’s right off I-75 at Fourteen Mile. Head west (away from Oakland Mall) and it’ll be about a half mile on the south side (which should be your left) in a shopping center with a Powerhouse Gym. Their number is 248-733-9773.

They carry the greater bulk of Biotest’s line, but call to make sure what’s on hand. If my Canadian friend is working there, tell him “Biotest Steve” sent you, and that you heard about it on this board.

By the way, I’m told that there is another Edge Nutrition in Windsor, with the same owner.

Yes I am Canadian and yes there are some things worth going to the States to actually pickup myself.

Thanks for the help.

Don’t you mean Syntrax Steve? The guy’s always trying to “HAWK” some Syntrax crap. Also, according to him, Syntrax’s products get investigated by the FDA because his dosages are TOO big.

I was referring to myself as “Biotest Steve” because when I go to Edge, that’s all I talk about. To my knowledge, there’s no one at Edge named Steve.

Was that your experience? I’ve never had anyone there try to sell me Syntrax, but maybe, since they know of my loyalties to Bill Roberts and Biotest, they don’t even try. As for dosages being too big, that’s a strange concept. Ultimately, the dosage of a substance sold OTC is up to the consumer, as he can buy and take as much as he wants, no matter what the warnings might say. If this is what you were told, it’s unfortunate even as a point of logic, beyond the questionable value of Syntrax products.

Are you aware of better deals in stores in Detroit? Strangely enough, F and M has some remarkable prices, but I haven’t seen any androgens there, and they still can’t beat Edge.

Our company, Vitamin Warehouse has the full line of Biotest products. You can call anbd ask for Frank 586-771-4444 and he will hook you up. We even have the new Mag-10 flavor (which is great by the way).


There are a few other places that carry Biotest, but their prices are even higher then the Vitamin Outlet. There’s a health food store in Ferndale, The Vitamin Patch, that has good prices on vitamins and herbs. They don’t carry a lot of bodybuilding supps and the place reeks of soy products and vegetarians.

Hey, Biotest Steve, I just went there and guess what I found? The OLD Grow! You know, the kind in the packets. That was fucking cool, so I bought a box. But you are wrong, the prices there aren’t lower than say,’s. But I did find Powerdrive, which I have been really looking forward to trying. It was $29.99 there I believe, and at it is 22.95. I also got a bottle of Tribex, which was $32 and at DPS it is $22.94. Maybe you missed that site or you are including S&H, which might make it about the same.

Cool about the Grow! I trust you saw some other classic Biotest items there…

Actually, I did include DPS in my pricing list. They’re a highly competitive site. But in my original post, you’ll note that I printed out the prices, and they matched them. I didn’t say they’re marked below (though generally, they’re marked pretty close). The two items I price-shopped were MAG-10 and Surge.

Still, I’m a bit surprised the marked price for Tribex was that far above DPS. Edge tends to run neck and neck with the per unit Biotest price (once you factor in Biotest’s two plus one free deal), and then DPS is a shade beneath them both.

In any case, if you print out the DPS screen (or another net price) and take it to them, and then ask respectfully (not acting like it’s a God-given right to rip them off) Edge will usually accommodate the internet price (and maybe the other Detroit specialty supplement stores would do the same – I’ve never tried). When I shopped, I was about to make a 350 dollar purchase, and that plus familiarity may have helped. Also, I’ve only asked them to match Internet prices, not beat them. They’re a store. They have overhead, and they’re providing a service whereby I pay money and immediately receive the product. That they can get anywhere close to net prices is amazing enough. I did leave S & H out of the whole equation, so matching net prices may be as good as beating them – though with a 350 dollar order, free shipping is almost inevitable.

One postscript, though. When I’m uncertain about the efficacy of a Biotest supplement, I usually buy direct, in case I need the guarantee. I’ve never tried to take a half consumed supplement back to a store, but I’m guessing I’d get referred to the company.

Re-reading my first post, I did say they beat my print out of net prices. I should have said “matched.”