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Biotest products & good gym in Hawaii?

I’m going to Honolulu, Hawaii in April (I’m from Finland) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good gym there? A gym with good equipment and a good athmosphere. Also, are Biotest products sold anywhere there? I’d like to bring some back home with me. Thanks.

honolulu is a big city. i found a gym in waikiki beach (24 hour fitness) that wasn’t too bad. no power racks or deadlifting platform but it works while on vacation. great view of the ocean. except i think someone stole my credit card from me there.

i’m from hawaii, but the gym i used was on a military installation (my fav gym by far of any i’ve used). so u won’t be able to use that one. i know they have several 24 hr fitnesses in the area, but i have no idea how those are. just check out the phone book when u get there. most places aren’t too far from waikiki if that is where u are staying. have fun!

Go to Golds Gym (formerly The Gym Honolulu) Good atmosphere good weights or go to Worlds gym right down the street. 24 hr on Kapiolani is not bad but crowded at those peak times. they have a power/olympic lifting area (not to big though). Have fun

The only gym I know about is the 24 hour fitness on Kalakaua ST, Waikiki beach.

Thanks! What about the supplements, I wouldn’t like to spend a lot of my time there looking for Biotest suplements :slight_smile: Are they sold in any supplement stores, like GNC or are they just sold in the website? They are a bit hard to find here where I live…

I agree with bmau about working out at the Golds Gym in downtown Honolulu (formerly “The Gym”). There’s a supplement store right around the corner that sells Biotest products, I forgot the name of it though. They usually have some kind of promotion going on (something like buy two get the third free or get x% off when buying y amount of products). Have fun!